Quick Recovery From External Piles Achieved With Life Force Treatment

A 50-years-old middle-aged man from Pune, Mr. K. V. (PIN 32938) visited Paud branch on 26th July 2017 for getting his complaints of piles treated. He suffered from the discomfort of piles from the past six months. During the episode, he used to experience bleeding from stool which was followed by burning sensation around the anus. The surgeon diagnosed it as First-degree piles 3 o' clock, so he was advised by the surgeon to not to operate it. He gave the patient some laxative, however his complaints persisted. His complaints used to get aggravated after driving a long distance and after eating the junk food.

He also suffered from the complaints of hypertension from the past seven years. 

He was on the conventional line of treatment which was under control.

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He was overweight. He preferred a vegetarian diet. He had a marked craving for sweet food. 

He was in a trading company. His wife was a homemaker. He had two daughters, of which one was working and the other was studying in 12th Std. He had good interpersonal relationships with all his family members.

His father had suffered from piles and hypertension. His mother had hypertension and diabetics. His brother too had suffered from piles.

He had suffered from jaundice childhood. His renal stone and tonsillitis problems had got cured with homeopathy in his childhood. 

Mr. K. V. was a happy-go-lucky person. He was straightforward and anxious by nature. He had no belief in God. He was the quite practical-minded person.

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed him Hamamellis 30 C for piles.

Mr. K. V. visited the clinic for his first follow-up on 4th September 2017. He felt overall 75% improvement in his condition. Pain and itching at anus had reduced significantly. Weakness due to the pain also had got reduced significantly.

He gave his feedback over the phone on 10th October 2017. There was overall 100% improvement in his condition. He didn’t suffer from any episode of piles since the treatment had started.


External piles can be effectively treated with a well-selected homeopathic remedy that offers good results in a short duration of time. 

- Written by Dr. Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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