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An extensive and chronic case of Psoriasis responded well to Homeopathy.


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Ms. K.C.R, PIN: 17600 approached the clinic on 3 december 2011, for her complaints of psoriasis.

She presented with multiple psoriatic patches on the knees, waist, elbows, scalp and palms.

Her patches were very itchy and there was excess scaling and redness. She had multiple big patches and these patches were severely inflamed. She had also started getting joint pains mainly involving the finger joints and the toes. There was swelling and inflammation in the joints.

Her complaints had started since last 5 years and there were no remission in her case.

Also presented with joint pains since last 5 years, it mainly involved the toes and the ankle. There was severe pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints. She had taken ayurvedic medicines which worked well for her joint pains however there was no change in her skin condition. She tried using steroid once for the skin with little relief in her psoriatic patches.

She was also a case of underactive thyroid for which she was taking a thyroxine supplement since last 5 years.

All her complaints were triggered 5 years back, which she could correlate with a MTP (medical termination of pregnancy) that she had undergone as it was a unplanned pregnancy.

The patient with her husband consulted and were explained about psoriasis in details, its nature, the entire disease process. She had already suffered a lot and asked some time to think before starting the treatment.

They approached the clinic after 1 weeks, looked very optimistic about the treatment as they had visited Dr. Shah's website on Psoriasis and were now completely convinced that they were in safe hands.

Her medical history was taken in details.

Her appetite was average and she had mixed diet. Her thirst was average. Her bowel and urine habits were good.

Her perspiration was average and thermally she was more sensitive to cold weather.

Her menses were regular but slightly delayed by few days. Her sleep was good.

She was a house wife, her husband was a software engineer. She had a 5 year old boy.

She was a obese women in appearance but was very mild and gentle. Her's was a nuclear family, she was completely dependent on her husband for all the desicions, she could not make any desicions on her own.

She was very emotional by nature and would weep easily. Her husband said that she would weep even on watching any emotional scenes on television.

She mentioned about some past events, having a bad experience living with her in laws but it was for a short time but she was unable to forget it. She would still think about the past events and weep about it.

She was reserved by nature and although she was frustrated in her life but never shared her feelings with any one not even with her husband.

Her case was analysed in details and she was prescribed a constitutional medicines along with Dr. Shah's research based remedy.

At 1 month follow up, on 13 January 2012, Ms. K.C.R reported good improvement in her psoriasis,
the scalp scaling had reduced, the psoriatic patches on ears were clearing up. The joint pains were much better. She was still getting some new patches but of milder intensity.

At 2 months follow up, on 20 February 2012, Ms. K.C.R reported a increase in her psoriasis. Her patches had become very severe and the skin was very itchy and there was severe redness on legs. On detailed questioning, we could conclude that the weather was having an effect on her skin, she was also explained and counseled about it. However she seemed to be slightly impatient as the patches were very severe. She was also developing swelling in her feet. The medicines were changed according to the feedback.

At 3 months follow up, on 10 March 2012, Ms. K.C.R reported with slight improvement in his redness but the scaling continued. Her patches were still active. Her swelling had reduced slightly.
She still had the patches but the itching had reduced in intensity. Her feet were oozing and still had some amount of swelling. She was explained to keep patience.

At 5 months follow up, on 30 April 2012, Ms. K.C.R reported good improvement. The redness on the hands and legs had reduced by more then 50 %. She was feeling more comfortable as the itching and scaling was much less. The patches had started reducing in size and the patient reported being able to see normal skin appearing in the psoriatic patches. The swelling on the feet had reduced and the oozing had stopped.

At 6 months follow up, 9 June 2012 , Ms. K.C.R reported further positive changes in her psoriasis. Her psoriatic patches had improved and there was no itching and scaling of the skin. There was no swelling on the feet. The patient was smiling as her faith in Homeopathy and in Dr Shah's clinic had profoundly increased.

She is still continuing the treatment as has been advised by Dr. Shah.

We will keep you updated about the progress further.


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