Chronic Urticaria got completely recovered with homeopathy and patient could get rid of antihistamines.

A dental surgeon, Dr. D.G (Patient Identification Number 10601) visited Life Force on 18th April 2008 for the complaint of chronic Urticaria. She was suffering from Urticaria since last 2 years.

The frequency of Urticaria episodes was once in 2-3 days and each episode would last for 7-8 hours. She would get Angioodema. Her lips and eyes would swell. She would get red rashes on face and neck with severe itching. Itching would get worse in the evening and night. She was taking T Cetrizine (antihistamine) 10 mg once in 2-3 days since last 2 years.

Being a doctor, she knew the fact that antihistamine will just give temporary relief and will not treat the Urticaria from root level. She was aware of the homeopathy and while searching on the internet about homeopathic doctor, she came across Life Force and Dr. Rajesh Shah. She was impressed with the information on the website and decided to get treated at Life Force.

Her case details were taken. She had average appetite. She was fond of sweets. Thirst and bowel habits were normal. She would sweat more on palms and soles, specially when she would get anxious. She was more tolerant to warm weather. Sleep was sound.

Mrs. D.G was a dental surgeon, staying in nuclear family with her husband and two kids. She was anxious by nature. She wanted to do her work perfect and had lot of anxiety about her work. She was punctual. She wanted her children also to be perfect in their work. She was disciplined and well organized. She would not easily mix with others. She liked to spend most of her time in work. She would not share her emotions with others. In last two years, she was very frustrated with her Urticaria.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed her constitutional medicine along with patented medicines. For the first two months, she did not respond to the treatment. Her Urticaria was same. She was getting Urticaria with same intensity once in every 2-3 days and had to take antihistamine to control it. Her medicines were upgraded after two months.

On 27th September 2008, she reported 20-30% improvement in her Urticaria. The frequency was same i.e. once in 2-3 days. Intensity was reduced by 20-30%. Duration had reduced to 3-4 hours. She still required to take antihistamine once in 2-3 days.

Then she directly reported on 16th May 2011. She had gone out for her work for 3 years, so could not continue the treatment in between. After 3 years also, her Urticaria was same and was not controlled by antihistamine. It was advised to her to take regular homeopathic medicines to get rid of Urticaria.

On 4th October 2011, she reported 50% improvement. Frequency of her Urticaria was reduced to once a week. Intensity was reduced by 50%. Duration was 3-4 hours, but she could stop her antihistamine.

By 26th December 2011, frequency of her Urticaria was further reduced to once in 10-12 days. There was no further improvement in intensity and duration.

On 23rd March 2012, she reported 70-80% improvement. The frequency was further reduced to once in a 20-25 days. Duration of Urticaria was reduced to 1-2 hours. Intensity was better by almost 80%.

On 17th May 2012, she was almost completely recovered from Urticaria. Itching, swelling and rashes were better by 90%. She was very happy and satisfied with the treatment.

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