A case of chronic Psoriasis showed remarkable recovery with regular homeopathic treatment.

A young girl, Miss. P.G (Patient Identification Number 7589) visited Life Force along with her parents on 3rd November 2007, for the complaint of Psoriasis. She was suffering since last 8 years. She presented large Psoriasis lesions on legs, knees, elbows and back. Itching and scaling were severe. The lesions were active, inflamed and red. Her complaints would increase in winter and before exams. She had taken allopathic treatment in past for 3-4 years but there was no much improvement in her condition.

She had stopped all the medicines since one year. She came to Life Force as her last ray of hope. Her detail case history was taken.

She was vegetarian, having average appetite. She was fond of spicy and salty food. Thirst, perspiration and bowel habits were normal. She was more tolerant to warm weather. Sleep was sound. She would get dreams of daily routine and dreams of exam.

She had family history of Asthma. Her paternal uncle and aunt were patients of Asthma.

Miss. P.G was 1st year B Com student, staying in nuclear family with her parents, sister and brother. She was emotional by nature. She would easily get hurt. She had only one or two close friends. She would not like to share her emotions with others. She would like reading books. She was particular and sincere about her studies. Psoriasis was the major stress in her life. She was unable to concentrate on studies. She always wanted to perform her best in exams. That stress would increase her Psoriasis more. She would feel her Psoriasis as an obstacle in her way to success.

Her case was studied by Dr. Rajesh Shah and constitutional medicine along with research based homeopathic medicines were prescribed. In first year of the treatment, there was lot of fluctuation in her Psoriasis. She would feel better but again it was increasing in same intensity as before. She was frustrated with her Psoriasis.

On 19th January 2009, her case was reviewed and revised medicines were prescribed. In first two months, there was further spread of her Psoriasis on legs. Pace of the disease was slowed down.

On 20th March 2009, she reported 10-20% improvement. Itching and scaling were less by 20%. There was no further spread. She showed continued improvement for next 5-6 months. Her parents were anxious about the relapse of Psoriasis, as her Psoriasis would always increase in winter.

On 18th November 2009, she reported increase in her Psoriasis. There were no new lesions but itching and scaling had increased. But intensity of her complaints was better as compared to first time. That was the first time after starting the treatment, she felt better even after the relapse of the disease. Based on her feedback, further medicines were prescribed.

She responded very well to the treatment. There was continued improvement in her Psoriasis. Gradually itching, scaling and redness reduced. There were relapses in every winter but the intensity of the complaints went on reducing each year.

By 10th May 2012, she was completely recovered from her Psoriasis. She was very satisfied with the treatment. She required long term treatment, but she was very happy to see complete recovery. Major stress in her life was relieved with the help of homeopathy.

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