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Extensive, stress related Lichen Planus, cured within a year with Dr. Shah’s treatment.

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Mrs. M. P. R. was working as an administrative officer in an esteemed research institute of India. She was residing in Mumbai. She had read about Dr. Shah on the internet and she visited our center on 4th October 2008. She was accompanied by her sister. Her patient identification number is 11251. She was aged forty years.

She had Lichen Planus since four years. It had started after her husband was transferred to Bahrain for work purpose. It had extensively spread all over her body. There were tiny scattered violet eruptions on her feet, legs, upper back, forearms, chest, abdomen, armpits. They were itchy and the spread had increased since a month. She had noticed it to generally increase every year in September and October. She had taken oral and local cortisone in 2004 – 2005, for two years. She was asymptomatic for few months with this, but later it flared up severely. Presently she was applying propysalic ointment and would take cetirizine occasionally.

She would also get Urticaria episode once in two months. It would remain for a week. She would regularly take ayurvedic cleansing treatment for this and feel relieved.

She also had Migraine episodes for seven to eight years. She would get pain in the vertex area, once in two to three months. The pain would last for two to three days. She would also get nausea and vomiting.

Her appetite was average with no specific liking or disliking. She was sensitive to both the extremes of temperature. She had disturbed sleep as her mind was preoccupied with various thoughts.

She was staying in a nuclear family. Her husband was working as a project engineer in an air conditioner making company in Bahrain. She was an administrative officer in an esteemed institute of research of India. She had a son who was studying in ninth class and a daughter who was studying in sixth class.

She was unhappy and irritable as her family life was disturbed as her husband was away. All the responsibilities had to be managed by her. She had to manage both, home and job. It was stressful for her to keep a balance in work and home. Her husband would call daily and visit once a year.

Her sister had contact dermatitis and underactive thyroid. The other sister had endometriosis.

Dr. Shah prescribed her research-based medicines for six weeks.

After three months (8th January 2009) of medicines, there was a considerable improvement. There were spread and new spots erupting in the initial two to three weeks. Later it had been controlled with the medicines. Since a month there was no spread. The itching was less. Some of the old spots were drying and healing. The new spots erupted initially were still active. A migraine was same.

After six months (2nd April 2009) of medicines, she had responded excellently. There was overall 60% improvement. There were only a few minimal new spots on the legs. All the other spots had healed. The itching was nil. There was no migraine attack in last three months.

After nine months (31st August 2009), she reported on the phone. She had recovered by around 80%. There were only post healed dark marks left all over the body. There were no active eruptions. There was no migraine attack since past six months. She was specifically now prescribed medicines for lightening of the spots.

She reported on 1st April 2014 to consult Dr. Shah for her complaints of menopause. She later visited our center on 17th April 2014 and started the treatment for other complaints.

She was glad to acknowledge that her Lichen Planus had cured completely as well the spots had lightened to normal skin tone.

Uploaded on 1st May 2014 by Dr. M. N. P.

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