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A case of lichen planus unresponsive to conventional medicines got cured with homeopathy


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A Young lady working as an HR consultant Mrs. N.S (patient identification number 17826) visited Life Force center on 24th December 2011 for the treatment of lichen planus.

She was suffering from lichen planus since 14 months. She had lesions on the neck, both hand and legs, abdomen, chest and the genitals for which she was taking steroids but her LP was not under control it was slowly increasing with some new lesions coming up.

She was not much satisfied with the conventional treatment because her LP was spreading. She was becoming anxious and restless.

Once while browsing over internet she came across Life force and Dr. Rajesh Shah and his experience in treating LP. She was quite impressed and wanted to take treatment under Dr. Rajesh Shah.

She had no family history of LP, Thyroid complaints or any other skin complaints. No major cause was found in her case. She was well setteled and no stress in her work as well as in her family life. She was very happy with her married life. She was extrovert in nature. She had a good appetite and thirst. Along with that bowel habits were regular.

After her entire case details were noted and carefully studies by Dr. Rajesh Shah she was prescribed with a constitutional medicine along with the research based medicine.

She gave her first follow up after one and half months on Feb 2012 her lesions on the neck, both hands and legs, abdomen, chest and the genitals were much better. She was very happy and surprised as she was taking conventional medicines for a year but she had not seen any improvement but after treatment under Dr. Rajesh Shah she was about 50% better within a span of one and half months.

In her 2nd follow up she was about 70 to 80 % with fading of the hyperpigmented areas.she had a little dryness of the skin which was also better than 2 months ago. No new lesions appeared.

She is very much satisfied with the treatment.

She is advised to continue the treatment for about more 4 months so that the hyper pigmentation could subside. She was advised for moisturization of the skin with coconut oil or petroleum jelly for her dryness of the skin.

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