Trigeminal Neuralgia treated successfully and no relapse since past 2 years after stopping the medication.

Sixty nine years old Mrs. J. D. (Patient Identification Number-17156) residing in Bangalore started online treatment with us on 3rd October 2011. She was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia since past two years. She had right sided electric shock like pain from jaw to ear whenever she chewed, brushed her teeth, washed her face and while talking. She had twenty episodes every day since past five months. She tried managing with conventional medication like tegretol and gabapentine which relieved her pain initially but off late even with this medication she had continuous pain throughout the day. She complained of coryza due to pain.

She was a vegetarian with good appetite. Her sleep was disturbed due to pain and she felt sad and depressed due to her health.

She had to undergo lot of hardships in her childhood. Her mother expired at very early age, so she quit studies and started taking care of her siblings. She got married to an army officer. She was responsible and caring by nature towards her family but the same was not reciprocated by her family. Her husband was strict and adamant by nature as he belonged to army background and her son was suffering from schizophrenia so he had his mood swings .This family situation used to give her stress. She was anxious for her daughter who was married and settled as she was pregnant.

She had suffered from tuberculosis in her early adulthood for which she had managed with conventional medication.

She was suffering from high blood pressure since past twenty years for which she was managing with conventional medication. She was also suffering from cervical spondylosis since ten years.

Dr. Shah made her prescription after studying her case in detail.

She reported on 19th November 2011.She had ten episodes instead of twenty and the intensity of the pain had reduced considerably. She was relieved with homeopathic medication.

She reported on 19th March 2012. She was stable. She was still taking conventional medication for controlling her episodes. Dr. Shah made necessary changes in her prescription.

She reported on 26th May 2012. She had no episodes since past three months. Her dose of conventional medicine was also reduced.

She reported on 11th April 2014. She was glad to report that she had no episode since past two years and she had stopped all conventional medication since past one year. Now since two weeks she was feeling slight numbness and tingling sensation on right side jaw so she was given treatment to prevent further episodes.

She was relieved and happy with the results which she had got.

Uploaded by Dr. I. R. on 20th May 2014.

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Results may vary from person to person

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