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Chronic Psoriasis on palms and soles - substantial results within a year

61 years old businessman Mr N.N.V. (Patient Identification Number - 15955) from Mumbai, India reported at Life Force with complaints of Psoriasis on 30 April 2011

He was suffering from Psoriasis on the palms and soles since 2 years. He used to have itching, scaling and cracks due to excessive dryness of the skin. The cracks would bleed occasionally. His complaints would often increase at night and especially in the winter. He used to take homeopathic medicines from a local physician along with some anti-allergic medicines and a local application prescribed by his family physician, but this did not give any relief in the last 2 years.

He was on regular medicines for his high blood pressure and diabetes. He also suffered from constipation since 8 years. He would use C pap machine for sleep apnoea (difficulty in breathing during sleep)

Personal details

He had normal appetite and thirst. Smoking 2-3 cigarettes per day was part of his routine since 45 years. He had craving for sweet and excess of salt. Physically he was obese. He lived with his wife, son, daughter in law and grandson.

While exploring his emotional details, he described himself as a happy and content man, he was reasonably successful in business and he had a happy family life. He was an achiever; he had overcome several adverse conditions and was now a successful businessman. He was disciplined, hardworking, bold but humble.

Family history of medical illness

He had a strong family history of diabetes. His Maternal grandparents, mother and brother all had diabetes.

After studying all his physical and emotional details Dr Shah prescribed him Silica 30c as the constitutional medicines in April 2011. He reported again in May 2011; he noted that there was 10-15 % improvement. Dr Shah examined him and enhanced the dose. He reported again after 2 months; there was 50 % improvement in his psoriasis, the dryness and itching had reduced considerably, the cracks had healed. He still suffered from constipation.

Dr Shah made some necessary changes in the medication to relieve his constipation. In August 2011 he reported that the constipation was also better. The skin was further better. He did not require anti-allergy medicines now. He reported 70 % improvement in the psoriasis on the palms and soles.

After a break of 6 months he visited the clinic in March 2012, when he had a episode of upper respiratory tract infection. He said that the psoriasis on the palms and soles were 90% better and he was having regular and satisfactory bowel movements. He had no further complaints regarding the psoriasis. He was very happy and satisfied with the treatment. He said that his family physician had stated that this disease does not have any cure and one has to keep taking medicines for life. However even after a break of six months, his progress was maintained. He did not have any trouble, nor did he require any further medicines.


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