Homeopathy Treated Asthma Effectively & Eliminated The Dependency On Inhalers

A 35-years-old obese woman, Ms. D.N.S (PIN 15174) visited the clinic on 6th December 2010.

From the last 4 years, Ms. D.N.S had started suffering from the complaints of Asthma. Her complaints would start with sneezing, colds that followed by breathlessness. The wheezing was more in the winters and on physical exertion. She was put on allopathic medicines and was taking the inhalers almost daily. The medicines were not working for her.

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She was a vegetarian, and her appetite was good. She had a liking for spicy food and aversion for sweets. Her thirst for the water was average, and she would consume around 8-10 glasses of water per day. She used to experience an excess sweating, and, thermally, she was a hot patient. Her bowel and urine habits were normal. Her menstrual cycle was regular.

Her sleep was sound, but she would get many dreams related to the animals like tigers, lions, and snakes. She would always see these animals pursuing her in her dreams.

She was a housewife, and her husband was running a small-scale business. She had an 8 years old daughter. She was staying in a joint family along with father-in-law and mother-in-law.

Ms. D.N.S mentioned a history of undergoing stress as she was in a joint family, she would not get along with her mother-in-law. She was not in good terms with her mother-in-law. There were constant arguments with her mother-in-law. She had three miscarriages in the past, and the fourth child was her present daughter. She and her husband were satisfied with it, but her mother-in-law had an issue as she wanted a boy child. This was very stressful for the patient, and she could not take this pressure. She would constantly have arguments with her mother-in-law related to small matters.

Based on the medical details, Dr. Shah had prescribed her Natrum Muriaticum 200 C in doses.

At a follow-up after 1.5 months on 24th January 2011, Ms. D.N.S reported an improvement in her asthma. Her cough and sneezing were better. She was still continuing with the inhalers. Her requirement for inhalers for still the same, but she was feeling more comfortable with the reduction in the severity of the wheezing.

At a follow-up after 3 months on 1st March 2011, Ms. D.N.S reported a good improvement in her asthma. There was an improvement in her relief from wheezing and breathlessness. She still continued with her inhalers.

At a follow-up after 5 months on 2nd May 2011, Ms. D.N.S reported a very good improvement in her condition. Her wheezing and breathlessness had reduced a lot, and she was trying to taper off the inhalers gradually.

At a follow-up after 6 months on 20th June 2011, Ms. D.N.S reported an increase in her asthma. Her cough had increased along the breathlessness. It was not so severe as she didn't need to take inhalers for it. She attributed this increase due to some stress with her mother-in-law and the change in the weather which also affected her. There was some change made by Dr. Shah and she was prescribed Natrum Muriaticum 1M in doses.

At a follow-up after 9 months on 25th August 2011, Ms. D.N.S reported an improvement in her asthma. Her cough and wheezing had reduced. There were no asthma attacks at all, and she had stopped her inhalers completely. She was asked to continue the treatment in order to prevent the relapse in her asthma.

At a follow-up after 12 months on 3rd Nov 2011, Ms. D.N.S reported a significant improvement in her asthma. She seemed to be very relaxed and had stopped inhalers completely. She was asked to give a follow-up after every three months.

At a follow-up after 15 months on 15th March 2012, Ms. D.N.S reported a good improvement in her condition. There was no relapse of her asthma attacks.

At a follow-up after 18 months on 31st July 2012, Ms. D.N.S reported some increase in her asthma. She attributed it to the weather change. She mentioned that her severity of the asthma attacks and the wheezing were less. The medicines were altered and prescribed by Dr. Shah.

At a follow-up after 20 months on 13th September 2012, Ms. D.N.S reported 70% improvement in her asthma. She had stopped inhalers for the last 8-10 months. Her wheezing and the intensity of asthma had reduced a lot. She was feeling very comfortable and was asked to stop the treatment.


This case illustrates that homeopathy is highly effective in treating asthma and eliminating the dependency of the patient on inhalers safely without any side-effects.

- Written by Dr. Z.A., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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