Case-4: Wonderful effect of homeopathy seen in difficult disease like Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular dystrophyThirty years old housewife visited Life Force on 2nd December 2004. Mrs. V. S. A. was staying in Mumbai. Her Patient's identification Number is 6297. One of the patients of Dr. Shah gave her the suggestion to visit us for her complaints of Muscular Dystrophy.

She was diagnosed 2 years ago when the muscle biopsy was conducted. Her symptoms had increased after she delivered a baby boy 6 months ago. She had weakness in hips and legs and had difficulty in walking. Her walking speed was slow and at times she would lose balance and fall down. She was unable to lift her right leg and would often drag her feet while walking. Her disease onset and progress were slow. Gradually she was developing weakness in arms and shoulders.

She had a genetic link to her disease. Her father suffered from this and died at the age of 48 years.

She was living in a joint family with mother in law, brother in law and his family. Her husband was a property dealer. Her son was just 6 months old.

Her husband was caring and supporting for her condition, but her in laws were not supportive. She was neglected by her in laws which made her feel sad and depressed. She was often discouraged regarding her recovery by her in-laws as they would always say negative and hurtful things regarding her illness. She would just keep quiet with all this. She had a strong will to get better. She was positive about her recovery. She preferred staying quiet and calm and did not believe in showing anger. She was extremely reserved and would not even share her feelings with her husband, as she did not wish to trouble him. She would keep all the hurting and sadness within herself and weep when alone.

She was a vegetarian in diet. Her appetite was average. She liked spicy food. Her water intake was adequate and her bowels were clear. She liked cold temperature. She could not tolerate much of heat.

Her menstrual cycle was regular. She had delivered a baby boy with a cesarean section.

She had lost her father 11 years ago to this same condition. Her mother was suffering from high blood pressure.

Her weight was 43 Kgs.

Dr. Shah explained her disease process in detail as well the aim of our treatment. It is one of the difficult diseases to treat. It was informed that the aim of the treatment would be to control the slow the progress of disease process and give symptomatic relief as much as possible. The treatment would have to be taken for long time.

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and then prescribed his research based medicine with Carcinosin 200c 2 doses, and Causticum 200c.

After 4 months of medications there was mild improvement in weakness in shoulders. The weakness of hips and legs and difficulty in getting up from sitting posture was same. The imbalance while walking was also same. Dr. Shah upgraded her prescription appropriately.

After 8 months of medications she had responded positively with mild improvement in weakness and walking. Her symptoms had become stable and constant. She had started with mild hair loss since past 2 months. She was emotionally and mentally feeling better though her symptoms were mildly better. The stress of her in laws behavior was felt lighter than before.

After a yearÕs medication she could experience around 10 Ð 20% relief in her symptoms. The weakness in shoulders and hips was relieved by 20%. The imbalance while walking though persistent was less in frequency. The tiredness felt before after doing any work or exertion was considerably less.

After 2 years medication she felt her symptoms gradually improving. The recovery was painfully slow but the positive sign was no further deterioration in her symptoms. As she had seen her father suffer from the same, she could realize the benefits of the treatment. The weakness in the shoulder was significantly less. The weakness in hips and legs was also less. The difficulty felt while walking was mildly improved.

After 3 years medication she could now do her household routine work without feeling tired. She was happy to achieve this with a slow and steady recovery. She could walk barefoot with much more confidence than with footwear. The weakness felt in the lower limbs was also decreased. Her weight too had improved in past 3 years which was reducing initially due to muscle wasting. Now her weight was 45 Kgs.

After 4 years of medications she was happy that she had no major complaints. She would occasionally feel leg pain or back pain on exertion. Dr. Shah was glad to note her improvements with the medicines. Her CPK levels were also within normal limits (140).

5 years after medications she was significantly recovered in all her complaints. Now she would often not feel like working. The tiredness was still present but in less intensity. She was determined to fight with this disease and continue with the medicines further. Dr. Shah was a great support to her in her fight against this disease.

She suffered from Malaria in July 2010 and took ant malarial conventional treatment. There was no fever, but the body pain and weakness was persistent. This tiredness was a post fever effect. The symptoms per se with Muscular Dystrophy were better. This was taken into consideration by Dr. Shah while prescribing.

She then suffered from 3 episodes of Malaria up till April 2011. Now she had been on longer course of treatment of anti malarial. Her appetite, bowels were normal. The weakness was still present after these medicines. She could not stand for more than 5 minutes and would feel as if she would collapse. She would also get cramps in calf. Dr. Shah made the necessary changes in the prescription for further improvement.

She visited in May 2012 for her follow up. Last few months had been stressful for her, as she had to attend few funerals in her family. In September 2011 she had again suffered from Malaria. All the tests were repeated as the back pain was severe. Dr. Shah advised her to visit an orthopedic doctor for spine correction. The fresh muscle biopsy also indicated Muscular Dystrophy. The CPK levels were under control (87). She had been feeling weak and tired due to these recurrent infections.

After another yearÕs medications she was again feeling better and energetic. The weakness and tiredness was mild. Her muscle power had improved. She could do her daily routine activities without feeling tired. Overall her health had improved by 30%.

She is still continuing with the medicines to keep the disease process under control.

This case illustrates the wonderful effect of homeopathy in controlling the disease process and providing symptomatic relief in such difficult disease.

Uploaded on 7th February 2014 by Dr. M. N. P.

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