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Case-12: My warts disappeared miraculously in five days, for which I was suffering since a year!


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Ms. U. V, a twenty two year old girl from Pune, registered with LifeForce on 3rd November 2014 for the online treatment of flat warts (verruca plana). She described all her complaints in a detailed questionnaire and also sent us the pictures of the affected area. She complained of small eruptions since past one year, which appeared in a linear fashion on the bridge of her nose, cheeks and between the eyebrows which had got worse after the cosmetic alignment of eyebrows by threading. She had taken conventional medicines for three months, to be taken internally as well as applied externally. The medicines did not relieve the symptoms, on the contrary the eruptions got worse after discontinuing the medicines. The number of eruptions increased and the itching on the affected area got worse than before.

Due to this complaint, she had developed symptoms of depression. She felt that she had lost her self esteem. She started having all the negative thoughts including suicidal ones. She got overtly obsessive about the deteriorating facial appearance due to the warts.

She had a reduced appetite. She had a strong liking for sour and spicy food, fruits especially banana and oranges. She was habituated to drinking tea frequently. She had a strong dislike for spinach, brinjals and soya. As far as her thermal state was concerned, she was more tolerant towards winter.

She was a student of fine arts and was pursuing higher education. She had been staying in a girls’ hostel away from family since past four years.

Her family consisted of her parents and her paternal grandmother. She was an adopted child; her biological father’s sister had adopted her when she was fourteen days old.

She had a very strong family history of warts. Her biological mother as well as both paternal and maternal grandparents had suffered from warts. Her biological father was suffering from hypertension with a history of heart attack in the past. Her biological sibling was suffering from asthmatic bronchitis.

In the past, she had suffered from jaundice four times. She had typhoid when she was thirteen years old. She had also suffered from asthmatic bronchitis for last seventeen years. She had an episode of measles at the age of fifteen.

She described herself as an ambitious person, who was very focused on her career. She was a perfectionist and was obsessed about cleanliness. But lately, due to the disease, she had become depressed and felt as if she had lost all her self esteem. She used to get anger spells and bouts of frustration with an erratic behavior. She would be afraid of looking into mirror and developed a hatred towards herself. She was a family oriented person and was missing her family as she was living away from them since quite a long time. When asked if she had any major stress in life, she mentioned that the only stress she had was her facial appearance. She would have fights with her fiance and to be in-laws in regards to this skin problem and she would often vent her frustration on them and repent later. Overall, she had developed a pessimistic, sadistic attitude towards life.

Dr. Shah evaluated her case in detail and based on the complete totality, she was given Carcinosin 30, Causticum 30 along with few research based medicines for six weeks.

Fifteen days later, she gave us a call. She was astonished to see that verruca plana was better by almost seventy five percent in just five days after starting medicines. She called it a miracle as she had been struggling with the complaint since past one year. She complained of a new eruption on her left cheek for which she was advised to continue the same medicines as she was responding well.

She visited Life force for the first time on 9th December 2014 for her first follow up. The verruca plana was much better and even the new eruption on her left cheek was improving. She even mentioned about hairfall and acne since she was eighteen years old. The complaint of acne got worse due to tea consumption and stress. Along with this, she also had a complaint of low immunity since childhood due to which she would get colds frequently. Her lowered immunity could be attributed to the fact that she was breastfed for only fifteen days after birth. Her case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and upgraded medicines were given for two months.

She gave her second follow up through the online progress report on 2nd February 2015. She was very happy with the treatment. She was further better by sixty percent in both her complaints-verruca plana and hairfall. After making the necessary changes in the prescription, medicines were given for duration of two months.

Her next online follow up was on 26th March 2015. She informed that she was better by sixty five percent to seventy percent and the linear eruption on her nose and cheeks had faded but some spots were left. A change in dose was made by Dr. Shah and medicines were given for two months.

She gave the next follow up on 18th May 2015. She informed that verruca plana had completely vanished. Even the post inflammatory spots had faded. She only complained of acne on her cheeks and chin. Dr. Shah made the necessary changes and gave medicines for further two months.

On 20th July 2015, she gave follow up through the online portal. She was happy with the consistency in the positive results despite the stressful situations she was going through. All the eruptions on nose, cheeks and chin had disappeared. She was no longer depressed or anxious about her facial appearance and her confidence got boosted by many folds. The hair fall was better.

As she was better in her complaints by eighty percent, she continued the treatment for complete recovery and to prevent recurrence of eruptions.

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