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25 year old thrombocytopenia purpura responds to homeopathy within 4 months...

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A 74 yrs old lady (K.C, pin number:11924) visited Dr Shah alongwith her sister. She was a known case of Idiopathic Non-thrombocytopenia purpura since 25 years. Her complaints would usually begin with diarrhea thin watery stools, 12-15 times a day that would last for around 2 days, followed by generalized swelling of the body, legs, scalp, eyes which made it difficult for her to open her eyes. She also complained of swelling of her hands and feet as a result she could not stand for long hours. There was body pain, weakness along with petechiae marks especially on the legs that took about 10-12 days to heal. The petechiae were accompanied with rash and itching. These episodes would occur twice every year and last for 1-2 months. She had been on steroidal treatment for this in the past, without much relief. She also suffered from hypertension for over 8 years. Her complaints were triggered on eating cashew nuts, shell fish and cold drinks. Her appetite was normal, she craved for sweets. The perspiration was scanty and she was thermally a chilly patient. There was a family history of diabetes and cancer bladder. There was a past history of frequent diarrhea and slip disc. She was quite friendly lady, mild, gentle who generally would get along well with everyone. She was straight forward in her talks, but was stubborn and would get angry if things did not go her way. She prefered to talk things out when she would get angry. She had a good childhood. She was single and chose not to get married as she did not find the right person. She stayed with her sister who was also unmarried. K.C. consulted Dr Shah. Her case was studied in detail alongwith the relevant reports. She was prescribed homeopathic medicines for a period of 6 weeks. Within 6 weeks, the rash with petechiae had reduced considerably, she reported to be better by 25%. There were no loose stools or diarrhea. The pain in her legs had reduced by 50%. She was continued with the same prescription for another 6 weeks. In her subsequent follow-ups she found to be consistently better. Once in a while she would get mild purpura on her thighs it would last for few minutes and there would be no itching. In 4 months her backache and leg pains had reduced substantially. Her blood pressure too had remained under controlled in all the subsequent follow ups. In 8-10 months, K.C. reported she was feeling much better, her general health had improved. There was no episode of loose stools, rash or petechiae. She is continuing with the treatment further for best results with homeopathy.
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