Complete recovery of vocal cord nodule in 4 months...

Mr. V.T. aged 32 years (Patient Identification Number 17682) reported to the clinic with the complaint of Vocal Cord Nodule on 7 December 2011 He was facing difficulty in speaking and he had throat pain. He was having hoarsenss of voice and his voice pitch had reduced and he couldn`t speak loudly. He couldn`t take too much of strain on the throat as that would cause a scratchy feeling in the throat and this scratchiness would reduce only after giving rest to his voice. He had to cover his throat and give rest to his voice constantly in order to be able to speak normally. He had developed this problem since the last 3 months and it had gradually progressed despite taking treatment from a ENT specialist and a local Homeopath. He was allergic to dust and would get recurrent throat infection on exposure to dust. An Endoscopy dated 22 November 2011 showed pedunculated growth on left vocal cord suggestive of Vocal cord nodule. His appetite was average. He had no major craving. His sleep was good. His thirst for water was good. Thermally he was more tolerant to the hot weather, exposure to cold weather and cold draft trigerred throat complaints. He was staying in a joint family and had his own business, which involved talking a lot to the clients. However now due to this throat problem he had reduced his verbal communication and was using a pen and paper to communicate with the clients. As a person he was very aggressive and focused in life. He was doing well in his business but he nurtured an ambition to expand his business. He asserted that he was a self made man and he wanted to live up to that image. But some where, the complaint of Vocal cord nodule was coming in the way of his progress. He said that communication is the one of the skills required to run a business well and now he had to reduce his talking to almost half of what he was doing in past. This was causing mental stress and he was frustrated with the present situation. He was desperate for a cure. Dr Rajesh Shah studied his case details and prescribed him Argentum Nitricum 30. He was reassured that homeopathy will help him significantly. At the 2 months follow up on 23 January 2012, Mr. V.T. reported that there was 10 % improvement in his condition, the throat pain had reduced. Voice pitch was still low but the effort required in talking was less. An indirect laryngoscopy showed no change in the size of the polyp. At 3.5 months follow on 6 March 2012, Mr. V.T. reported that he was much better and very happy with the response. He was able to speak normally and the effort in speaking was less. The scratchy sensation and the pain in the throat had gone. On 26 March 2012: Mr. V.T. reported being much better with the treatment. He felt very comfortable and just to be sure, he repeated an endoscopy on 25 March 2012. The ENT specialist reported that the Vocal cord was normal in size and there was no Vocal cord Nodule. Patient was very happy to hear this. Patients sent his progress report, he wrote: " I am very happy to say that by taking your medicines, I have got rid of my Vocal cord nodule completely. Your medicines were really very effective and have stunned my ENT doctor here. The ENT doctor is not able to believe that my polyp has gone so fast, but the endoscopy is a proof of that." Time and again homeopathic medicines have been able to prevent surgery in cases of vocal cord nodules. Generally patients do not undergo endoscopy after symptomatic relief. However this patient underwent the procedure under the same ENT surgeon and both were happily surprised with the incontrovertible proof that homeopathy works curatively and not just symptomatically. (Uploaded on 31st March 2012 by Dr. ZAR)
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