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43 years old, executive completely cured of Molluscum Contagiosum with 9 months of treatment.

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Mr. R. B (Patient Identification Number - 16281) visited our Borivali clinic on 18 June 2011 with multiple complaints. He was suffering from molluscum contagiosum since last 4 months. They were spreading gradually around the genital region. There was no pain or itching. He had several molluscum around and above the genitals. They were hard and nodular. They were increasing in size and number. He had noticed these after extra marital unprotected sex, four months ago. He was suffering from irritable bowel syndrome for more than 20 years. It was moderate so no treatment was being taken. He would have frequent motions for 5 times a day, unsatisfactory. He also complained of fissure in ano since last 1 year. He had episodes of pain and bleeding while defecating. The symptoms were aggravated after eating out side food, spicy food and in periods of stress. He had an average appetite with craving for green leafy vegetables. He was sensitive to cold temperature. He was a Company Secretary working in an esteemed television production company. His wife was a home maker. He had 2 sons, 14 years and 9 years old studying in a school. His parents stayed with him. He was reserved and sensitive. He would hold resentments for the past things and would disclose only when he would feel right. He had no significant past history. Dr. Shah studied his case details and prescribed him Nitric Acid 200c and some research based medicines. He visited on 1st August 2011 and reported, 10% improvement in Molluscum Contagiosum. The spread had slowed down, but new eruptions kept on appearing. The fissure was mildly increased while the IBS and hair fall was better. On 19th October 2011 – he reported with 70% improvement in molluscum contagiosum. His other complaints did not find much improvement. Dr Shah reviewed the case and prescribed Natrum-Muriaticum 30c. After 6 months of medication on 19th December 2011 – he reported with further improvement in Molluscum. His fissure was completely cured. The IBS had shown 70% improvement. On 31st March 2012, he reported complete recovery. The molluscum was cured completely. There were no new eruptions in the last six months and the old ones very completely cured. He is still undergoing treatment for his other complaints to get completely cured as well. He showed good improvement in all his complaints. Homeopathy medicines help via stimulating the self healing potential of the body, by virtue of this, molluscums vanish, fissures heal and IBS is corrected. Uploaded by Dr. M. N. P. on 3 November 2012.
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