Pustular acne treated with well selected homeopathic remedy

A lean girl of 19 years, Patient Identification Number 19092, visited the clinic on 15 May 2012 with her father. Her father had already taken treatment from our clinic and seeing the positive response he approached us for her treatment. Ms. R.R.K presented with complaints of acne on her face, she would develop pustular acne and the eruptions were very painful and would bleed on touch. She had not started any treatment for it. She was a non vegetarian but her father mentioned her appetite being very poor. She was very lean statured. Her thirst for water was less and she would not feel thirsty at all. She also complained of constipation, her stools were hard and required straining. Her urine habits were normal. Her menstrual history was normal and her cycles were regular, the bleeding was heavy. Her bleeding was associated with dysmenorrhoea. Her menses were very painful and she would have to take painkillers every month for the pain, the pain was so severe that she could not even do her routine activities and had to just rest at home due to the pain and the weakness caused due to the heavy bleeding. She had strong craving for chicken and fish. Her sleep was sound and her sweating was average. She was studying in 12 th standard. Her father was working in a private sector and mother was working in finance sector. Her paternal grand mother was also staying with them. On asking further, father mentioned about her anxiety and worries. She was very anxious by nature, she would worry easily. At present her stresses were only related to exams and her performance. She would be prepared well for the exams but her worry and anxiety was so severe that she would weep a lot due to the pressure. As a person she was very timid and could not tolerate any one speaking loudly in front of her. She was well supported by her parents, there were some issues with her friends. Her sensitive and mild nature was not accepted by her friends and she was constantly teased about being a weak person. She would share her fears with her mother and her eyes were wet while sharing her details. She would also feel uncomfortable due to the pimples on her face, that would make her feel less comfortable. At 1 month follow up, on 25 June 2012, Ms. R.R.K reported mild improvement in her acne, her constipation was still the same. Her menstrual cycle were regular but still painful. She still had to take a painkiller. There was slight improvement in her general condition. Her weight was stable. At 2.5 months follow up, on 8 August 2012, Ms. R.R.K reported very good improvement. Her acne was under control and the frequency had reduced. The pustules had stopped appearing. Her constipation was much better, the stool were normal in consistency and didn't require straining. Her periods were regular and the pain was there but lesser in intensity. Her need for painkillers had reduced, her weight was also stable. The parents were very glad with the treatment and were asked to continue the treatment further for complete cure.
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