Post Laser Burns cured within 2 months medications.

28 years old Mr. S. S. J. (Patient Identification Number - 21252) visited Life Force on 20th June 2013 for his post laser burns on face, cheeks and forehead. He had taken these laser shots from a skin specialist for treating his acne scars. He had so far received two shots, one in March and the second in May 2013. He had redness and peeling of the skin. His skin specialist gave him steroid injections to reduce this inflammation. There was burning in those areas and they were sensitive to touch. He had been applying steroid creams on these areas.
He was also suffering from Pemphigus since 2008 which was asymptomatic at present. His diet was mixed. His appetite was average. He preferred salty food. He did not like sweets. He would take alcohol occasionally. He would smoke 5 cigarettes a day since 1 year. His water intake was excessive. He would perspire profusely. He was intolerant of warm weather. His bowels were unsatisfactory and would require straining. He was overweight. He had nightmares occasionally. He was a businessman in textiles industry. His wife was a dentist. His son was in play school and daughter was 2 months old. His father and younger brother were in the same business. His mother was a home maker. He was irritable and short tempered. He would like to stay in company, not alone. He liked traveling. He had suffered from Jaundice in 1991. He also had Malaria 1997. He had suffered from Dengue in 2010. He had been operated for Pilonidal sinus in 2001. His father suffered from Psoriasis. His mother had high blood pressure and hypothyroidism. There was a strong family history for diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and was prescribed few research based medicines.
He visited on 10th August 2013 with over 90% improvement in post laser burns. There was no scaling or redness. The burning pain disappeared. The skin appeared almost like normal. The recovery can best be evaluated in the photos. Uploaded on 29 August 2013. by Dr. M. N. P.
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