A case of rapidly spreading Psoriasis recovered substantialy in 4 months of homeopathic treatment.

A 55 years old gentleman Mr MBD (PIN 18368), came all the way from Pune, India, traveling 150 km, on 25th February 2012. He got registered as a case of Psoriasis. He was suffering from this chronic disease for 5 months.


The disease started from his right thumb and was spreading rapidly covering his whole scalp, lower back, legs, arms, and groins. He had severe itching with scaling over the lesions. His itching and scaling used to aggravate at night time. There was a family history of Psoriasis in his family. His younger brother was suffering for four years.


There was no relief even after taking antiallergic tablets for itching and steroidal local application prescribed by his dermatologist. The disease was spreading at a constant pace. Ultimately he decided to go for Homeopathic treatment under Dr Rajesh Shah, as recommended by his colleague.


On 25th February, after registration, detail information regarding his health was recorded in the case file. His food and water intake were average. His digestion, bladder evacuation, sleep was all normal. He mentioned that since psoriasis his sweating has reduced drastically.


He was working as a Technician in Defence Academy. He had an average height and weight with a dark complexion. He had a small family including wife and 2 sons to look after. There was no major stress at family or professional level. As a person, he was friendly, jovial and affectionate. He was contented with his life and achievement.


There was a family history of Psoriasis, arthritis and high blood pressure. His past life till psoriasis was healthy. That is why he was anxious and scared to see such disease coming up on his skin.


After pacifying his anxiety, based on all his details, Dr Rajesh Shah prescribed 2 months Homeopathic medicines for him on 25th February 2012. All the necessary instructions regarding medication, diet were also given to the patient. He was asked to stop applying Steroidal local application and taking antiallergic medicines gradually.


Mr MD called up to give his feedback on 13th April 2012. He mentioned that he was very pleased and surprised to see the improvement. The spread had stopped in the first month and the patches on the back, legs, arm started healing in next month. Overall there was more than 50% recovery in his patches, itching, and scaling. He had extensive psoriasis on the scalp which was also more than 50% better. Next 2 months of medicine was prescribed based on these details.


Recently he visited personally on 12th June 2012 with his brother. There was more than 95% recovery in itching scaling and patches over lower back, groin, legs, and arms. Scalp also was almost clear. He mentioned his tons of thanks to Dr Shah and his team and registered his brother for treatment of his Psoriasis.


Generally, hereditary diseases, especially in this age group, respond late and slowly. In Mr MD's case, the disease was in the initial stage. Also, there were no other maintaining factors like stress, other systemic illness, overuse of conventional medicines etc. Hence a substantial, quick and positive response was seen in this case.


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