Complete recovery of Migraine in 10 months along with remarkable improvement in Psoriasis.

50 years old home maker Mrs. N. V. N. (Patient identification number -16553) visited our clinic on 27th of July 2011. She was suffering from Migraine since 2006. She used to have migraine episodes at least once a month which used last for at least 2 - 5 hours. She experienced throbbing pain which used to render her daily work. Her complaints got aggravated due to loud noise and stress. She was taking tab Migranil as and when needed. She also suffered from Psoriasis since 2006. She had lesions on chest, back, scalp, ears and around nose. She experienced tremendous itching which occasionally led to bleeding due to vigorous scratching. Her lesions were inflamed. Her complaints were aggravated due to winter, sour food, eggs and fish. She had tried Allopathic and Ayurvedic medication with mild relief. She had an average appetite and liked eating sweets. Her thirst, urine, bowel movements and sleep were normal. She perspired profusely as she had recently attained menopause. She liked cold weather more as compared to hot. She was a house wife. Her husband was working in Kuwait. Her elder son was studying Engineering in Somaiya College. Her younger son was studying in Std. 10. She was anxious and loquacious by nature. She was stressed as her husband lived abroad and she had to manage everything alone. She was very caring and would weep easily. She tried to avoid any trifles. Her mother was suffering from Diabetes mellitus. Dr. Shah prescribed her research based medicines after studying her case in detail. She came for her first follow up on 13th of September 2011. She had mild improvement in migraine. She had got episode twice after starting the treatment for which she had to take tab. Migranil when required. Her Psoriasis had mild improved on her ears. The lesions on chest, back, scalp and nose were same. She visited us on 17th November 2011. She had good improvement in Migraine. She had one episode in past 6 weeks and the severity of pain was 25% less. This time she could bear the pain she didn’t take tab. Migranil. She had no new lesions of Psoriasis. And old lesions that were on ears, nose, scalp, chest and back had mild improvement. She visited on 15th February 2012.She was happy to report 50% improvement in her Migraine. She has 2 - 3 episodes in past 3 months and the severity of the pain had reduced up to 50%. She had no need to take tab. Migranil. There was 30 % improvement in Psoriasis lesions on chest, back, scalp, ears and around nose. The scaling and itching had reduced .There were no new lesions. She visited on 22nd of May 2012. Her migraine was totally better. There was no episode in past 3 months. Her Psoriasis had recovered on chest and back. There was more than 50% improvement on scalp, ears and nose. She had no itching and mild scaling. She continued the treatment for another 5-6 months for complete recovery of Psoriasis and in the mean time there were no migraine episodes. She was happy and relieved with Dr. Shah’s treatment. Uploaded on 20th November 2013 by Dr. I. R.
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