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An IITian found ninety-nine percent recovery in his extensive guttate psoriasis with Dr Shah's homeopathy.

Nineteen years old, Mr. A. S. (Patient Identification Number: 23799) visited LifeForce on 11th October 2014 for his complaints of psoriasis.

He informed that his complaints started in August 2014 with extensive guttate psoriasis which was confirmed on biopsy. He would experience multiple red scaly rashes all over the body. He would also experience mild to moderate itching in the patches. His scalp had lot of flakes falling without any eruptions. He had intense dryness of the skin affected. He was on antibiotics and topical steroids for the same since August 2014. 

He also had complaints of flatulence once or twice in a month and hair fall.

His father had thyroid disorder. His maternal grandfather had vitiligo. Both of his paternal grand parents had high blood pressure and diabetes. His paternal aunt had asthma.

He would like to to have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. He had an average appetite and adequate thirst. He would perspire profusely all over the body and had an offensive odor. He was sensitive to warm temperature.

He was a student of IIT. His father was also an engineer and was working with a reputed company. His mother was housewife and sister was doing job with an IT company. His family was in Delhi and he was in Mumbai for his studies.

He was reserved and calm by nature. He would not talk much with others and had cordial relation with his parents.

With all these case details, his case was analyzed by Dr. Shah and he prescribed his research based medicines.

After four months of treatment, on 27th February 2015 he reported significant improvement in psoriasis. He experienced less itching. He reported forty percent relief in scaling and dryness of skin. Flakes over his scalp also reduced significantly. He reported that the affected skin was getting smoother. After reviewing his feedback Dr. Shah prescribed him further medicines.

With further two months of treatment, he reported on 28th April 2015. He informed about the further improvement in his psoriasis. The old eruptions were completely recovered. There was ninety percent improvement in redness. Itching also had reduced by more than ninety percent. His skin was no more rough. He experienced scaling and flakes over scalp reduced drastically by ninety-five percent. His hair fall was also seventy-percent better. After reviewing his feedback Dr. Shah upgraded the prescription.

After four months of treatment, he gave his follow-up on 22nd August 2015. With great enthusiasm and happiness he reported that he was ninety-nine percent better. He informed that he only had mild but negligible itching over knuckles & toes. There was only two tiny rough and scaly residual lesions left over the knuckles & toes . He reported complete recovery from redness, itching and scaling. His scalp was totally free from flakes. He is still continuing with the treatment with immense faith and satisfaction.

This case highlights how efficiently homeopathic medicines can achieve complete, subtle and speedy recovery even in case of extensive psoriasis.

Uploaded on 24/09/2015 by Dr.A.P.H.


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