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Quick fix in a case of Allergic rhinitis and Urticaria with Homeopathy

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Eight-year-old boy K.V.P (Patient Identification Number: 8915) visited Life Force on 11th April 2014 accompanied by his parents for the complaints of allergic rhinitis and urticaria.

He was a registered patient of Life Force; had taken treatment from Dr. Shah for recurrent respiratory tract infections seven years ago. He presented with recurrent episode of allergic rhinitis associated with urticaria. He was suffering from these complaints since three to four years but from past six months the frequency of episodes were increasing.

His complaints would aggravate from dust and after eating sour food and wafers. His episode would start with sneezing, dry cough, hives all over body with redness and swelling on the nose, upper lip and chin. He was better only after taking anti-histamine syrup and other conventional medicines for cold and cough. In the last fifteen days, he had two such episodes and was also given a dose of steroidal syrup due to the severity of his complaints.

He was also underweight. His appetite was poor; he would never ask for food. He liked milk and salty things in food. He was studying in the 4th grade. His father was into fabrication business and mother was a housewife. His paternal uncle, aunt and their three-year-old son were staying with them.

He was an irritable child by nature. He would answer back and would not like to be told how to behave, repeatedly. He was a loner, would not mix with others and preferred to play alone. He would mix only with children of his own community.

After looking into his case details, Dr. Shah prescribed him Calcarea phosphorica 30 along with his research based medicine for allergic rhinitis and they were told to report after six weeks.

After six weeks, they visited Life Force on 23rd May 2014 and reported that he was completely better. There were no episodes of allergic rhinitis and urticaria after starting the treatment. His appetite had also improved and he had even gained one kg weight in six weeks. A few milk teeth had fallen off but his permanent teeth were not erupting. In the first follow-up itself, he reported that a new tooth had also erupted.

Dr Shah has advised him regular treatment for four to six months to prevent recurrence of his complaints. 

This case study shows that rapid and gentle recovery can occur with homeopathic medicines. Allergies and inherit tendencies can be effectively treated with homeopathy which enhances the immunity and brings about a cure from within. Homeopathy also wonderfully promotes growth and development. 

(Case study prepared by Dr. K.M)

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