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Case-5: Recurring Fibroadema improved with Homeopathy without the aid of Surgeon’s Knife

This is a case of Miss A. M. (Patient Identification Number: 19995), a young girl aged 21 years who reported to the clinic on 2nd November 2012 with the complaint of multiple small fibroadenoma in the right breast. She also had pricking pain in bilateral breasts. The pain would increase ten days before her menses and would generally relieve by hot fomentation. 

Personal details:
She had craving for sour food and had profuse perspiration of the palms and soles. She was very sensitive to hot weather and could not tolerate hot climate at all. Her menses were irregular and she suffered from dysmenorrhea. Her sleep was disturbed due to pain. She had dreams of water.

She was a stout, fair complexioned girl.

Family set up:
She was pursuing her career as a Chartered accountant. Her father had his own business and her mother was a housewife. Her brother studied in the first year of engineering.

Emotional sphere:
She was always anxious about her studies and was unable to concentrate on studies because of pain. She always wanted to perform her best in the exams. She did not like to hurt anyone. She was introvert. She desired company and liked to travel.

Past history:
She had been operated for, left breast fibroadenoma in January 2012. She had got a recurrence some days after the surgery. She was too stressed out due this condition. At that time, her aunt visited her from USA, she suggested that she should start homeopathic treatment. Then they searched the internet for a good Doctor and got in touch with Life Force and started treatment under Dr Shah. 

Mamography performed on 19th September 2012 was suggestive of bilateral multiple breast fibroadenoma.

The findings of mamography were as under: 

Right side
Parenchyma: Moderately glandular breast. A 1.1 x 0.8 x 0.7 cm well-defined hypoechoic deep mass is seen at 11 o’clock in the peri-areolar region. At least 4 other more superficial masses of sizes 4.5-6.4 5 mm are seen at 7-8 o’clock.
Retromanimary area appeared normal Axillary 
No enlargement of axillary node seen

Left side
Parenchyrna: Moderately glandular breast. A 5 o’clock ovoid well-defined mass of size 1.4 x 0.9 x 0.5 cm is seen,
and another 12 o’clock peri-areolar 3 x 6 mm mass is also present.
Retromammary area appeared normal
Axillary Tail: Normal
No enlargement of axillary node seen before she had come to our center. 

The bilateral mamography and sonomammography revealed 0.6*0.3 cm sized hypoechoic lesion in right breast at 11 o'clock 

Family history:
Her father had hypertension and cancer, her paternal grandmother and paternal grandfather had diabetes mellitus.

On examination, she had pain and tenderness in the right breast.

Prescriptive totality:
Based on this totality she was prescribed the homeopathic medicines namely Conium 30, Silicea 30. 

Follow up details:

The patient first came for a follow-up on 30th November 2012. After the administration of homeopathic medicines the size of the fibroadenomas were stabilized and their further growth was halted. However there was a mild pain in the right breast before menses which was aggravated by pressure. Her menses were delayed. No new lump was found. The presription was upgraded to Conium 30, Silicea 30 and Phytolacca 30. 

She continued the treatment with regular follow-ups and medicines were revised every 6 weeks as per the her feedback.

The patient reported to Dr. Shah on 30th March 2014. The bilateral breast pain had considerably reduced. She had pain in few spots in the breasts bilaterally radiating to the armpits. This time her menses were delayed. The previous prescription was continued.

Patient reported on 2nd January 2015 for follow-up. The bilateral breast pain had reduced by eighty percent. There was only a dull aching pain that she experienced only before menses. No swelling was present. She was prescribed accordingly.

Patient reported on 2th May 2015. She reported that she only had minimal pain in the breasts bilaterally. She couldn’t feel any lumps or swelling in the breasts. She had performed a mammography on 18th April 2015 which was suggestive of multiple small bilateral breast fibroadenomata. As compared to her first mamography, the size of the fibroadenoma had reduced considerably. 

She continued the treatment for another year, after which her complaints had all disappeared. Her menses too were regularized. Moreover, she had minimal pain in the breasts bilaterally. 

Remarks: This case depicts the best example wherein one can understand the fact that post surgical recurrences of fibroadenomas can also be controlled and after a consistent follow-up with homoeopathy can be miraculously cured.


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