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Full recovery in case of psoriasis with Homeopathy

Thirty-five-year-old male Mr. Y.K.R. (Patient Identification No: 18352); a resident of Mumbai visited Life Force on 22nd February 2012 for the treatment of Psoriasis.

He presented with mild psoriasis lesions on knees, hands, right ankle and scalp. There were small lesions which had appeared since 20 days. He would have itching, dryness and scaling over the lesions. He was on local steroidal application since 20 days and had also taken oral conventional medications for 1 week before 15 days. However, his disease had not come under control and was spreading. He thus wanted to start with homeopathy; in order to control and prevent the further spread of his disease and achieve long-lasting cure.

His appetite was average. He would have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. He would particularly like spicy food. He had no specific preference for hot or cold climate. His thirst, perspiration, bowel movements, urination and sleep were normal.

He was working in the sales and marketing division of a private steel company. His wife was a home-maker and their daughter was one year old. His father had expired in 2004 and his mother was a housewife. His sister was married and settled. His elder brother had met with a train accident in 2004 and after that suffered from some psychological illness. His brother even got divorced after his accident.

He had to take the responsibility of his family after his brother's accident. He would feel bad for his brother and would hope that his brother would settle down. He was stressed and worried because of his family circumstances. He was reserved by nature and would not share his emotions.

He had suffered from lichen planus ten years back. There were no major illness in the family and no family history of psoriasis.

His photos were taken. His case was studied by Dr. Shah and was prescribed research based molecules for psoriasis.

He visited for the first follow-up on 3rd April 2012. He reported of 50% improvement in his psoriasis lesions. His itching, dryness and scaling over the lesions were considerably better.

He called-up at Life Force on 18th June 2012 to report his feedback. He sounded extremely happy for the further improvement in his disease. He reported of mild lesions on the feet.

He then visited us on 1st August 2012. His psoriasis lesions had shown 75% improvement. There were very mild lesions remaining. He had gradually tapered his steroidal applications after the start of homeopathic medicines and were completely stopped since 2 months.

He again visited Life Force on 24th September 2012. He reported more than 90% improvement. His lesions over elbows, knees, ankle and scalp were further better. He had mild dryness and scaling like dandruff on the scalp. He was very happy with the treatment from Life Force. He thanked Life Force for their amazing treatment.

He then visited us with complaints of frequent colds on 22nd July 2014; after a gap of 2 years. He was glad to report of no relapse in psoriasis since 2 years and was quite hopeful to get rid of his frequent colds complaints as well; with the start of the treatment from Dr. Shah.

Psoriasis is a chronic disease caused due to immunological imbalance. Homeopathy corrects this imbalance and brings about total recovery.  

(Case study prepared by Dr. K.M)

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