Steroid-masked Oral Lichen Planus recovered 100% with Homeopathy

The twenty-one-year-old student from Hissar, Haryana Mr. A.A.A. (Patient Identification Number: 17583) visited Life Force on 24th November 2011 for the treatment of oral lichen planus.

He presented with suffering from oral lichen planus since one year. There were pinkish-red lichen planus lesions over the left edge of the tongue and mild lesions with white streaks on the inside of cheeks on the left side. He felt burning pain on the tongue while eating hot and spicy food. His biopsy reports of March 2011 had confirmed lichen planus. He was on oral steroidal medicines for seven months but that had not given him any relief. From last one month, he had stopped all medications. Along with lichen planus, he also complained of weakness and weight loss. He also suffered from frequent cold and cough since six months.

He was a non-vegetarian by diet. His appetite and thirst had decreased. He had a peculiar liking for sour food and was averse to vegetables. He was sensitive to hot weather. His bowel movement and urination were normal. His sleep was disturbed.

He was a 2nd-year commerce student. His father was working as a sales manager in a furnace company in Hissar and his mother was a housewife. He had one elder sister, who was married and one younger sister, who was studying.

He was irritable by nature. He was sensitive to reprimands. He would express out his anger and would brood over unfavorable incidences of the past. He had been disappointed in love and was depressed due to that. He would not talk much to people and was a loner. He had great anxiety related to future.

He did not have any major illness in the past. His father had diabetes mellitus and his paternal aunt suffered from cancer. After studying his case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed him Natrum Muriaticum 30 along with the research-based medicine for his oral lichen planus. His photos were taken.

He called-up Life Force on 17th January 2012, reporting a mild increase in his oral lichen planus. He has explained that the increase was due to the withdrawal effect of steroidal medicines. He was advised to keep patience and a new batch of medicines was sent. After 3 months, he called-up on 25th April 2012 and reported that his oral lichen planus was in control. There was no further spread or increase in his condition. Some changes were made in the dosage by Dr. Shah and the next batch of medicines was sent to him.

He then visited Life Force on 18th July 2012. His oral lichen planus was 75% better.  Redness of the patches had decreased considerably. The burning pain on the tongue was also significantly better. His fresh photos were taken. He did not even have any complaints related to cold and cough. He also reported that he could now enjoy with his friends but still felt little lonely and always had anxiety related to future. He was given medicines for next two months.

After two months, he reported on 20th September 2012 with 100% improvement in his oral lichen planus. His burning in the mouth was completely better and he did not have any other complaints. Redness of the patches had completely disappeared and there were no lesions present on the tongue and inside of cheeks.

Lichen planus when present in the mouth is a difficult condition to treat, however with homeopathic medicines; it can be effectively treated by correcting the immune system of the body, often rendering long-lasting results.

(Case study prepared by Dr. K.M.)

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