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Small kid relieved of Urticaria at Life Force

Miss M.K., seven & half years old female child (Patient Identification No 9248) visited Life Force Clinic for treatment of Urticaria on 27th December 2006. She started suffering with urticaria since one & half months before visiting at Life Force. She would get daily episodes of urticaria which would start in the afternoon at 12.00pm and would continue whole night. During these episodes she would get red rashes with itching & burning sensation all over her body. She was found to be allergic to wheat & would get rashes on having chapati made up of wheat. Also episodes used to get severe on having non-veg food especially chicken and fish. She was taking Syrup Levocet and used to apply local steroid application for her complaints of urticaria. Before that she had also taken Tab Betnesol 0.5 mg and Syrup Phenergan for some duration. She had also taken homeopathic treatment for some duration in which she was given sulphur 200 & urtica urens 200.

Along with urticaria she was suffering from recurrent episodes of upper respiratory tract infection since 3-4 years. On an average she would get 2 episodes of running nose & sneezing every month and each episode would last for 3-4 days. Episode would get triggered on having ice cream or cold drinks. She would take tab Cetrizine for this complaint as and when required.

As a part of food habits she used to take both veg and non-veg food with strong liking for non-veg food especially fish and chicken. She didn’t have strong disliking for any particular type of food. Her appetite and thirst was average. She could tolerate cold weather & was intolerant of hot temperature. Her bowel habits were satisfactory and she didn’t have any urinary complaints. Her mother had diabetes (gestational diabetes) during pregnancy. As a child she had history of delayed speech.

She was a part of their nuclear family of mother father & thirteen years old elder sister studying in 8th standard. Father was working as database administrator with a reputed firm in USA, while mother was a homemaker.

In her family her maternal grandmother suffered from urticaria. Also her maternal grandfather had diabetes mellitus & her paternal aunt had ovarian cancer.
She didn’t have any health disorder in the past.

She was a soft spoken child who would take time to mix around with others. Timid by nature and she would behave very shy outside although she was friendly at home.
Dr Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed  research based medicine.She was advised to avoid having wheat for few days.

When she reported for follow up exactly after one month on 27th January 2007, she showed significant improvement with 50% relief in her urticaria complaints. She also had two episode of upper respiratory tract infection and she reported to have a new complaint of teeth grinding.

She then visited on 2nd March 2007 when she reported to have further improvement in urticaria and this time she had achieved around 70%   relief. She also got 50% relief in upper respiratory tract infection.

She visited in 13th April 2007 when she continued to have the 70% relief in urticaria and now she could eat wheat preparations only to have short lasting mild rashes. She also got relief in complaints of upper respiratory tract infection & teeth grinding at night.

She then followed up in clinic on 15th June 2007 with further betterment in urticaria. In duration of two months she had two mild episode of urticaria which subsided shortly. Improvement in teeth grinding & upper respiratory tract infection continued to be there with no episode of upper respiratory tract infection for 2 months.

She gave regular follow up at the intervals of two months & continued to have same improvement.

During her visit on 7th September 2007 she reported to have no episodes of urticaria & upper respiratory tract infections.
Thereafter she continued with the treatment & during her visit on 20th March 2008 she had achieved 90% relief in complaints of urticaria.

She then visited on8th August 2008 when she told that she was completely relieved of urticaria with no episodes of rashes accompanied by itching and burning anymore .Also she had achieved significant relief in complaints of upper respiratory tract infections & teeth grinding.

She got mild relapse of urticaria on 12th February 2015 for which she was given medicines for short duration with complete recovery again.

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