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A young dynamic girl gets relief from Scalp Psoriasis

Ms. S P (Patient Identification Number - 26016), a twelve year old, bright & dynamic girl visited Life Force Homeopathy on 22nd June 2015. She presented with complaint of Scalp Psoriasis since two years. She suffered from severe itching, scaling and redness in scalp. There were no skin lesions anywhere else on the body. The complaint used to get worse in winters every year. She was on homeopathic treatment since 0last one year but there was not much improvement in her condition. Apart from this, she did not have any other complaint.

She was a vegetarian with a liking for sour and spicy food. She perspired more on her palms and soles and the perspiration used to leave yellow stains on her clothes. She was more sensitive to cold weather than hot. 

Her family consisted of four people. She was studying in 7th standard while her brother who was two years elder to her, was studying in school, living in hostel. Her parents were working as farmers. 

In her family, her maternal grandmother had died of Cancer and her mother was suffering from Vitiligo.

There was no significant history of any major disease that she had suffered from in the past.

She was quite easy going and care-free girl. Her father was an alcoholic and was very short tempered. He wouldn’t work in the farm and had given their farm to someone and shared the profit. Due to this attitude of her father, there were frequent fights between her parents but she tried to calm them down, showing that she was quite mature for her age. 

Dr Shah studied her case and examined her scalp. She was prescribed Dr. Shah’s patented medicine for six weeks. She was advised to avoid spicy food and to keep the scalp well-moistened.

On 6th August, 2015, she visited clinic for her first follow up. She had improved by fifty percent just within six weeks of starting the treatment. Itching and scaling had reduced considerably. The same set of medicines were repeated for next six weeks. 

On 7th December 2015, she called up for medicines. She informed us that her scalp psoriasis continued to improve further. The tendency of aggravation of disease in every winter had subsided with the ongoing homeopathic  medicines. Dr. Shah reviewed her case and upgraded her medicines to maintain recovery and bring about further amelioration.

As per the follow up given on 30th March 2016, she was consistently better and improving. Her mother told us about a new complaint which they had never mentioned of. For the past four to five years, she had suffered from chronic coryza, at least twenty days in a month. She complained of sneezing and thick white discharge from the nose. After constructing a totality, revised medicines were given to her for six weeks. 

The patient visited next on 4th of June 2016 for her follow up. The scalp psoriasis was completely better. Itching and scaling had also subsided to a great extent. Apart from this, coryza which she had been suffering from continuously also improved by 50% within two months of treatment. We took some photographs to compare her disease condition before and after treatment.

She continued the treatment for the allergic rhinitis.
Psoriasis is a stubborn, auto immune disease which needs homeopathic treatment based on in-depth knowledge about the disease and the medicines.

The good part about this case was that it had not been complicated with allopathic treatment which invariably consists of steroids and immunosuppressants. Also, the age of the patient helped in quick recovery and consistent improvement. 

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