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Homeopathy For Frequent Cold And Psoriasis Problem

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Eighteen years old patient, Mr. S .G (Patient Identification Number :24386) visited Life Force Homeopathy on 20th December 2014 with complaint of Frequent colds and Psoriasis .
Patient had complaint of frequent colds since three months but it was more since ten days. There was nose block with pain and itching in ears. He also had itching in throat occasionally. His cold used to increase after exposure to cold air and dust. He use to take allopathic medicines for the same but didn’t get any permanent solution.

Patient also had complains of psoriasis since three year. He had patches on both hands, legs and on head. Nails were not involved. He got sever itching, scaling and cracks on skin. Occasionally he had bleeding from affected parts after scratching it. He had taken allopathic treatment but got relief only temporary. It was spreading further on the body.

He was an obese person and had average appetite. He loved eating chicken, sweets and chocolates. He strongly disliked all types of sea foods. He had excessive perspiration on his body. His urine and stool were asymptomatic.

He was studying in 12th standard. His father was a civil engineer at kukreja builders and mother was a housewife. He had younger sister who was studying in 6th standard.
He was very happy and led a joyful life. He was very nervous by nature. He used to get anxious very easily and took stress. He was very sensitive by nature and got hurt very easily. He was also lazy.
He had past history of chickenpox and GERD.

His father had complaint of diabetes and hypertension. His mother was suffering from complaints of sinusitis and tuberculosis.

With all these case details, his case was analyzed by Dr. Shah and he was prescribed some research based medicines.

On 21st January 2015, patient reported that he had started feeling little better. His complaints were getting better. His complaint of cold was also improving. His block nose and pain in ear was reduced as compared to before. His throat congestion was also reduced. His patches on hands and legs were still the same but itching was less. He also developed some new spots of psoriasis on soles since 20 days. Dryness and itching of skin was much better. On basis of all this feedback, Dr.Shah prescribed further medicines.

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On 19th March 2015, patient reported that his disease was stable since few months but it has again increased since one week. His complaint of cold was much better but since one week it was aggravated. He had taken antibiotic since four days for his acute complaint. His psoriasis was stable all these days but since one month it had again started spreading. Old patches were spreading. Itching was also little increased. There were no new spots coming up since last few months. He was little anxious as his psoriasis was spreading since one month and cold problem again came up since one week. Dr.Shah counseled him and gave him some strong medicines along with his research based molecules.

On 15th May 2015, patient informed that he was almost fifty percent better. His issue of frequent colds was also solved. Now there was hardly any cold that he experienced, initially he used to have cold every month which remained for 4-5 days. Now his cold use to stay only for one day and got better without any allopathic medicines. Psoriasis was also better. His old spots were much better. He had completely stopped taking allopathic treatment. There were no new spots appearing. Itching and scaling was almost nil. He had developed some anxiety issues which was also quite well after taking our medicines. He further continued our medicines for better results.

On 3rd July 2015, patient reported that he was better all these days but since last fifteen days he was feeling mild increase in his complaints. He again developed acute episode of cold due to seasonal change. He had head pain and running nose with it. Psoriasis spots on knees were spreading since fifteen days. Rest of other spots was same. Itching and scaling was not there. Dr.Shah counseled him and explained that this aggravation is due to season change and he will be fine soon. That developed hope in patient. On basis of all this feedback, he was prescribed further medicines.

On 28th August 2015, patient informed that he was overall better. There was no cold problem present.    Now there was no more nose block or throat pain. Overall patient was feeling better. There was no increase or decrease in his complaints of psoriasis. There was no new appearance of the spots. Overall he was feeling better. He further continued treatment to get better.

On 17th November 2015, patient informed that his problem was stable all these days but since last few days psoriasis has flared up again. Itching was also increased. His cold problem was not present now. On further evaluating the case, it was found that he had taken some antibiotics before few days for cold and after that psoriasis has increased. Keeping all this in mind and noting all other symptoms, Dr.Shah prescribed him medicines along with some research based molecules.

On 15th December 2015, patient reported that he was still not better. His problem was increasing day by day. He started developing new spots also on body. Itching and scaling also started. Complaint of cold was also aggravated since few days. There was continuous sneezing. Head pain was not present. Ear pain and itching was also not there but mild throat pain was there. Dr.Shah reviewed the case again and after doing detail case study he prescribe medicines.

On 13th July 2016, patient reported after 7 months that he was almost eighty to ninety percent better. There was no cold present at all. Since many months he did not even develop any acute episode of cold. Psoriasis was also eighty to ninety percent better. There were no active lesions present. Only dry skin was seen on his body. All the old spots were disappearing. Patient was very happy with the treatment. 

He was very thankful to Dr. Shah and the life force team who helped him and made him much better. He is still under our treatment to get completely cured. 
(Case study done by Dr .K.R.B)

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