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Mr. HPJ, 29 years old (PIN - 21817) visited Santacruz clinic on 22nd October, 2013 with complaints of severe and extensive psoriasis since 2009 and very little hopes. The lesions had started from scalp and had spread to elbows, knees, ankles, wrists, lower abdomen and buttocks. Patient suffered from intense itching, scaling and bleeding from slightest touch. The lesions would worsen in winter and by pressure. Patient had tried conventional as well homoeopathic treatment for more than a year in the past with no improvement.

The patient also suffered from allergic rhinitis since childhood. Patient would experience bouts of sneezing every morning or on exposure to draft of air and a perennial nose block during the rest of the day. 

Mr. HPJ was a vegetarian with marked craving for sweets and a little fussy about leafy vegetables. His daily water intake as well as perspiration was on a lower side. He was not very comfortable in cold weather and also his complaints would exacerbate in winter season. There were no complaints as regard bowel and bladder. He usually had a sound sleep with unremembered dreams.

Mr. HPJ came from a business class elite family. His family was mainly into gold jewellery business. But he chose to tread on to a new path and had set up his own designer saree business.

There was a strong history of allergic rhinitis on his paternal side. His maternal grandmother was also suffering from severe psoriasis. His father was on treatment for diabetes mellitus and hypertension while his mother had auditory loss.

His personality had developed from a shy, timid child into a firm, punctual and competitive individual. He was very punctual and would be annoyed if others were not on time. His need for challenges was highlighted by the fact that he was not comfortable to settle into the family’s well set business but wanted to struggle and earn a name in his own business venture. Within three years of new business, he had already achieved well and was working steadily towards its further growth.

The case was reviewed in detail by Dr. Rajesh Shah and he prescribed research based medicines to the Mr. HPJ. Dietary modification and routine investigations were advised to the patient to further aid the treatment.

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His follow-up after six months of treatment on 11th of April 2014 showed about fifty percent relief. The lesions of scalp and both elbows had improved quite a bit, while remaining lesions were also improving but at a slower pace. The itching, scaling and spread had improved by about twenty five percent. The frequency and intensity of allergic rhinitis had also improved. Taking into consideration the progress in the case, Dr. Rajesh Shah adjusted the doses.

Mr. HPJ visited Santacruz clinic on 14th November 2014 in a quite troubled state as the old lesions were spreading and new lesions were surfacing on chest and gluteal region. There was intense itching especially at night with scaling and bleeding. Allergic rhinitis complaints had improved by sixty percent in the intensity but the bouts continued on a daily basis. His dose of research based medicines was modified and two power doses of natrum muriaticum 30 were added.

On 10th June 2015, he visited with his wife and both were quite anxious about the increase in the old lesions and appearance of new lesions. They were counseled about the nature of the disease and contributing factors which may aggravate the illness. His wife also commented that due to the despair, he was not moisturizing diligently and was losing hope. Allergic rhinitis complaints had also been agravated over last few months. On re-evaluating the case Dr. Rajesh Shah modified the research based medicines. 
He visited with his wife on 11 December 2015 and reported that there had been improvement till October 2015 but with the onset of winters the lesions had started spreading again. The lesions of the abdomen, back and gluteal region had worsened with bleeding on slightest contact. Allergic rhinitis episodes were milder though on a daily basis. The medicines were prescribed considering the details.

On 21st March 2016, the case retake was done whereby it was noted that patient had been responding in between but relapsing back. Thorough study into medical investigations revealed that patient had very low Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12 levels. Patient was prescribed strict supplementation with injectables and diet along with modification in the research based medicines. Also power doses of sulphur and phosphorous were prescribed. 

Mr. HPJ’s follow-up on 23rd August 2016 was full of hope as commented by his wife. The lesions had stopped spreading; the scaling had reduced while the normal skin had started replacing the lesions from centre to periphery. They had observed about sixty percent improvement in last five months and were happy about the holistic approach followed at Life Force. He has been advised to continue the treatment for psoriasis and allergic rhinitis for a long lasting relief.

This case highlights the need for holistic approach towards treating the patient.

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