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Case 2: Miraculous relief in Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Mrs. S.Y. (PIN No. 28503), a thirty-year-old housewife visited Life force Borivali with her husband for the complaint of Rheumatoid Arthritis on 16th April 2016. She was residing at Mira Road with her husband and 2 daughters of age Four years and two years. Her complaints started after her first delivery. She had wandering pains which lasted for a day or two at any particular joint. Had been treated allopathically (including steroidal intake) for a long time.


Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder which affects the joints. It is mainly triggered in patients with low immunity, affecting most commonly the joints of hands. It causes pain, swelling, heat and redness of the affected joints, along with stiffness that majorly aggravates after rest.


She was a non-vegetarian, with average appetite and thirst. She liked all kinds of food but not spicy. Used to have around 2 liters of water every day, average generalized sweating and was a chilly patient. Bowels and urine were normal with no specific complaints. Had regular menses with no major pain or discomfort. Both her deliveries were through Caesarian. She was lean and short but stopped in front.  Her sleep was disturbed because she had 2 small kids, no specific dream pattern was there. 


Watch a video testimonial of a patient treated for Rheumatoid Arthritis successfully at Life Force.


Her husband was working in the IT field and she was looking after the kids and household stuff. Her In-laws used to visit often but not stayed together.

She had not suffered from any diseases in the past and had not taken any treatments. Her father was Diabetic and mother expired due to cancer when the patient was of twenty yrs. of age.


She was mild, gentle and sober. Could express about herself and her disease properly but a little shy. She got irritated easily and would remove her anger on kids by shouting at them. Her memory was good and was average in intelligence.


Her RA factor levels were 190 IU/ml in December 2014, and her CRP was 7.3 mg/L in November 2014.

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Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed his research based medicine.

The patient gave her first follow up on 1st June 2016, she had around 20-25% relief in her pain and stiffness.  There was no aggravation or new complaints on her visit. Was feeling much better but had a new complaint of pain on her right heel and numbness over the tip of the right great toe. The two new symptoms were also considered in the prescription and medicines were given.

18th July 2016 patient visited with her husband for her second follow up, this time, she was 40-45% better. Also, her new complaint of pain in the heel was almost gone, but the burning over the tip of right great toe remained as it is. This time, she had another complaint of constipation, since last 1 month, with hard stools, gaseous distension, and pain in the abdomen. Her symptoms were considered and the prescription was made. She was happy with the relief but wanted the RA factor and CRP levels to reduce. She was suggested to get the tests done before the next follow-up.

On 1st September 2016 patient visited with her husband for the third follow-up and her happiness showed how better she was. She was 60% better and could do all her work with almost no discomfort. Her complaint of Constipation was also relieved by 50%, and there was no pain in the heel. The numbness also reduced. She had got her tests done which showed a remarkable difference in the RA factor and CRP levels.

The RA factor had come down to 72.6 IU/ml (earlier 190 IU/ml) and CRP came down to 1.2 mg/L (earlier 7.3 mg/L)
Both husband and wife were very happy with the improvement. The patient is still under treatment and will take some time to get rid of her pain. The speed of relief in the patient’s case shows that homeopathic treatment is not necessarily slow, if the patient visits the clinic without much delay and the prescription is made homeopathically with a detailed study, the results would surely be positive.

-Dr. Megha Jain, Life Force Homeopathy

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