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Within 6 weeks itching was reduced and after 9 months Lichen Planus is completely cured only marks are there.

Mrs. S. S. P., 38 years old home maker (Patient Identification Number - 18512) visited our Lifeforce center with husband on 6th March, 2012. She had suffering from Lichen Planus since 10 years.

She had been treated in the past with conventional medicines and ayurvedic medicines. She had been symptom free since last 5 years. It had recurred since 2 months and gradually spread. There were active lesions on hands, legs and abdomen. The itching was severe especially in night and would disturb her sleep.

Her appetite was average with liking for spicy and sweets. She would sweat profusely. She could very well tolerate both the extremes of temperature. The bowels were satisfactory but hard.

There menses were normal and regular. She had 2 children.

Her husband was a bank employee. Her daughter was 7 years old and studying and her son was 1.8 years old. Her mother in law stayed with them. Her parents were residing in near by vicinity.

She was a reserved and brooding in nature. Her relation with mother in law was not cordial. The day to day talks would disturb her and she would keep on thinking. She could not react to any hurting. She would keep mum. Her daughter had some congenital heart disease which was the cause of worry and stress for her. Few years back, before marriage she had been in a love affair with a person, but it did not work out.

She had suffered from tuberculosis 15 years back and took the appropriate treatment.

Her father was suffering from diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Her mother was suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure.

Dr. Shah prescribed her Natrum Muraticum 30c 2 doses and some research based medicine after a detailed case study.

She reported significant improvement in her Lichen Planus on 17th April, 2012. The itching had reduced significantly. The emergence of new spots had decreased. The existing spots were flattening and healing.

She reported on 30th July, 2012 with about 50% improvement in her Lichen Planus. There was no itching. The spots were healing. Her prescription was upgraded after reviewing he case by Dr. Shah.

After 9 months of treatment she reported on 30th November, 2012 with almost 90% improvement in her Lichen Planus. The hyper pigmented healed spots have lightened.

Uploaded by Dr. M.N.P on 3rd April 2013

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