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This boy has ribbed, rough, cracked, crumbled and distorted nails (termed medically as clubbing) of the fingers as well as the toes for the past 3 ½ yrs.

This is a case of 12 year old boy Master V.R.S (Patient identification number: S-2499) who was brought to the clinic by his parents for the treatment of his nail disorder. This boy has ribbed, rough, cracked, crumbled and distorted nails ( termed medically as clubbing) of the fingers as well as the toes for the past 3 ½ yrs. He was examined by Dr. Shah and was diagnosed to have psoriatic nails. There was history of psoriasis scalp. This however had turned better since the past 8 months.

psoriatic nails

He also complained of pain in his soles for the last 5 years which was worse for the past 2-3 yrs. The pain was worse at night and better by raising his leg. It was suspected that he had flat feet because of which he was complaining about this pain. He could not put weight on his right knee joint, has to bend his knee.

With this e also complained of headaches since the past 15 days. His pain was more on the left side as compared to the right side.

His voice had turned hoarse and was not clear. He had to constantly clear his throat especially in the mornings. He used to complain of occasional nauseated feeling with vomiting on few occasions. He was active but used to get tired very easily.

His particular details:
He had a remarkable craving for spicy food, juices. He however did not prefer to have oily food. His thirst was excessive. He used to also talk during sleep.

His family comprised of himself, his father (who was had his own business), mother (home maker), younger sister (7 year old).

His mental make-up:
He felt very jealous of his sister. As a result of this he did not take care f her. He also did not share his belongings with her. He feels that he is always reprimanded more than his sister. He is very possessive about his belongings especially the ring that he wore, he wouldn't share it with anyone. He was good at studies. He was very sensitive by nature. Used to weep very easily. He was very sulky and was not easy to console. He was well behaved ad had very good general knowledge. He has a very sharp memory. Good orator and does a lot of reading. He was known to be very obstinate by nature. Had too many temper tantrums with hysterical behavior. But the mother said that now-a –days he used to weep and did not express his feelings many a times. He was never satisfied with what was given to him and always asked for more.

Past history:
There was no significant history of any major illness.

Family history:
His father had psoriasis. His paternal grand mother also had psoriasis. His uncle's son ie his cousin had leukemia. His maternal grandfather also had psoriasis.

Case processing:
On the basis of his case history and the reportorial totality of the case he as given Flouric acid in the 200 th potency.

His follow up details:
In the initial phases of the treatment there was no significant change in his nail condition. The pain in his soles was however much less. After 3 months of treatment the nails started responding to treatment. The gradual improvement continued further and the patient was slowly getting better. Furthermore with one more years' treatment there was considerable improvement in his nails. Now the cracks on his nails have reduced. The roughness is not noticed at all.

During the course of his treatment, he had some bouts of cold and cough which were taken care of with homeopathic drugs itself. After 3 years of continuous homoeopathic treatment his nails are absolutely normal.

The patient's mother's comments:
When unexplained illness hit my son, I didn't know what it was or what to ask my doctor. Then I visited your center and that made all the difference. When I arrived with a list of pointed questions, Dr. Shah spent more time with me and my son than any doctor before and I felt comfortable understanding the diagnosis and treatment. Thanks for understanding what my son was up against…it has helped a lot."

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