A Great Relief From Asthma & Associated Complaints Obtained With Homeopathy

A 38-years-old homemaker, Mrs. N. A. C (PIN 18678) visited our clinic on 26th March 2012. She complained of Asthma since childhood which had aggravated in the last 2 years. She would experience 1 – 2 severe attacks in a year. She would have difficulty in breathing. She would require exerting effort to speak. The change of weather and talking loudly would aggravate her complaints. She would take steroid inhaler as and when required.

She also suffered from hair fall since 11 years. She would experience approximately 50 – 100 strands/day of hair fall. The volume of her hair had also reduced gradually.

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She also complained of depression since August 2011. She would have negative thoughts and mood swings. She was taking anti-depressant tablets and was mildly relieved. She had a similar depression in 2009 after the delivery of her second baby.

Her appetite was average with a craving for junk food. Her thirst was less. She was sensitive to the warm temperature.

Her menses would be delayed and irregular. The flow would be normal. She would experience irritability before the menses.

She had two children; a 6-years-old daughter and 3-years-old son. Her husband was an IT consultant working in Canada. She was staying in a nuclear family and managing the children alone.

She was impatient and had an irritable temperament. She had mood swings. If anything would not go as per plan, she would get upset and angry.

She had been operated for the appendix in 2003.

Her father suffered from Parkinson’s disease and had expired in 2001. Her mother was suffering from high blood pressure.

She was prescribed Sepia 30c 2 doses along with the research-based medicines by Dr. Shah after a detailed case study.

She reported on 15th May 2012 with a considerable improvement in Asthma. The hair fall had reduced in quantity to 70/day as compared to 100. Her menses were regular for the last 2 months. Her mood swings were also better.

She reported on 21st July 2012 with a further improvement in her Asthma. Her hair fall had become stable. Her menses were regular, and the mood changes were also better. Her case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah.

She reported on 19th September 2012 with overall 50% improvement in her Asthma. The hair fall had improved further. Her menses were regular for the past 6 months. The flow was normal. She had fewer mood changes. Her case was reviewed and the prescription was upgraded by Dr. Shah.

On 17th December 2012, she was overall 70% better in Asthma. The hair fall had improved further. The quantity of hair fall had reduced further. She had fewer mood swings. Her irritability had reduced. Her menses were regular and normal.

On 1st February 2013, she reported with a further improvement in her Asthma. Her hair fall had reduced by 60%. Her menses had become irregular for 1.5 months. Her mood swings were also better. Her prescription was upgraded by Dr. Shah.

She reported on 21st March 2013 with overall 80% improvement in her Asthma. She would occasionally experience difficulty in breathing at the change of weather. Her mood swings had improved, but she would occasionally experience anxiety, sleeplessness, and giddiness. Her hair fall had improved by 75%.

She is still continuing the medicine to achieve complete recovery in her complaints.


This case highlights that homeopathy is quite effective in treating asthma and providing a great relief from its discomfort.

- Written by Dr. M. N. P., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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