“My viral load reduced from 553,367 to 57,458 in 5 month’s treatment.”


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Mr. R. K. N. (Patient Identification Number - 19962) visited our clinic on 27th September 2012. He was 47 years old, manager in an IT company. He was accidentally detected with Hepatitis C on routine check up for official purpose. There was a history of a surgery done 10 years ago. He was asymptomatic. There was no family history of Hepatitis C. His viral report dated 2nd April, 2012 was 5,53, 367. He had visited an endocrinologist who had suggested him interferon therapy. He had found about LifeForce through internet and decided to go for homeopathy instead of conventional medications.

His appetite was average with liking for sweets. There were no other complaints in bowels, urine, sleep and perspiration. He was sensitive to warm temperature.

He was a manager in an IT company. His wife was a home maker. He had 2 children.

He was irritable and egoistic type of a person. He would manipulate issues as per his convenience. He was short tempered. His was reserved and dominating in nature. He would get affected by work pressure.

All his family members were apparently healthy.

His case was studied in detail and he was prescribed Lycopodium Clavatum 30c 2 doses along with research based medicine by Dr. Shah.

After 3 months of medicine, he reported on 28th December with improvement in his overall health. He was stable and asymptomatic. His case was reviewed and medicines were prescribed by Dr. Shah.

He reported on 16th February, 2013 with no complaints. He was fit and fine with no health issues. His viral reports dated 14th February were 57,458. He was happy with the viral load decreasing which is indicative of good control over the disease process.

He was happy to report no health issues on 23rd April 2013. He was glad to have preferred homeopathic treatment over conventional interferon therapy.

A reduced viral load means a good control of the disease process. These medicines help in retarding the disease process, help in reducing the viral load and help prevent complications.

Homeopathy works via enhancing the immunity, and the reduction in viral load is a natural outcome of a boosted immune system.

Uploaded by Dr. M. N. P on 29th April 2013

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