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Cortisone Masked Plamo Plantar Psoriasis of recent origin completely cured with Dr. Shah's homeopathic medicines.

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Mrs. M. V. Middle aged woman visited Life Force on 24/09/2012 for her complaints of Plamo-plantar Psoriasis.

She was suffering with Plamo-plantar Psoriasis since 7 – 8 months. The psoriasis was on both soles with cracks and thick yellowish pustular discharge. The cracks were painful and would bleed occasionally. She had lot's of difficulty in walking.

On her palms, there was redness and cracks accompanied with severe pain which hampered her day to day life as she had difficulty in holding utensils, cutting vegetables, preparing chapatis, etc. She could not wash clothes. Even combing hair was painful.

She had taken corticosteroids in the form of oral tablets and local applications in the past. Now since 2 months, she was on local steroids. The present treatment had also proved ineffective. She was explained in detail the rebound effect of steroids; after stopping steroids there were chances that in the initial phase it could flare up.

Mrs. M.V. was also suffering with menopausal syndrome, hot flushes and heat intolerance. She also had complaints of acidity and vertigo.

She was a non vegetarian and had special likings for spicy food and fish. She had an aversion to milk. She had no complaints regarding bowels and urtination. Thermally, she preferred hot weather.

She was a housewife and her husband had his own business. There was minor stress regarding finances as business had slowed down. She was very mild by nature. She would get anxious easily, small small things would keep her worrying and disturb her sleep. Her anger was short lasting. She was a very mild, soft spoken lady.

There was no specific past history of illness. In her family, her father had Diabetes and her paternal aunt had Thyroid Disorder.

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and she was prescribed Research based medicines for Psoriasis.

She reported after 2 months on 17th November 2013, the Palmoplantar Psoriasis was same. The cracks and pain was almost the same. Her feedback was studied in detail and she was prescribed Carcinosin 30 along with Research based medicines by Dr. Shah.

She reported after another 2 months on 23rd January 2013, the Plamoplantar Psoriasis was about 50% better. The cracks and pain was much better. The discharge had completely stopped. The palms had cleared by about 70%. There was roughness in the skin. Her prescription was updated by Dr. Shah.

After 4 months on 8th May 2013, the Psoriasis was 80% better. The pain and cracks in the soles had reduced to a great extent. She was very happy as she could comfortable walk now. The palms were also better.

She reported after 2 months on 25th June 2013 and was very happy to report that her Psoriasis was more than 90% better. There were no cracks on soles, no pain. She could walk without any discomfort. Her palms were also much better.

She is very happy with the treatment at Life Force. She had suffered a lot due to Psoriasis and now she is very happy and relaxed.

Uploaded on 3 July 2013 by Dr. A.P.


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