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Good Results in Lichen Planus Achieved in A Short Span of Time at Life Force.

Mrs. S.S. (pin no- 28120) of fifty-three, married lady consulted for Lichen Planus on the 2nd March 2016.


She developed a skin rash on her face & around the neck since eight years. She had a white streak on the both sides of buccal mucosa. The eruptions were thick, raised, dark brown with profound itching. They got worse during summer season & winter season.  It was diagnosed clinically as Lichen Planus and confirmed with a biopsy.


Other complaints: She had Acidity & kidney stone complaints.


History: Hysterectomy, Migraine, Multiple Fibroid in Uterus , Appendicitis, Tonsillitis, Piles ,Mumps. 


Family history: She had a family history of Tuberculosis and cancer.


Personal history:
She is a fair skin, average build. She eats well. She desired sweet very much &had an aversion for sour food. Her thirst was average. She would prefer cold more than heat. Her bowel is regular.


She had undergone hysterectomy in 2004. Her sleep is not sound. She would wake up several times, suddenly. She sleeps on her Lf. sides. She does not see peculiar dreams.
Past Treatment: She was applying some creams containing steroids. She had already taken Ayurvedic as well as Homeopathic Rx for three years.


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Her Family: She was a housewife. Her husband was an Engineer, working in a software company & her son was also an Engineer.


Treatment: After starting the treatment, gradually her complaints started improving. 


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After two months, on 18th May 2016 patient visited at center, then her itching has reduced drastically as well as the eruptions also. Her eruptions were light in color. Her sleep had improved remarkably, which was considered as a good sign of general improvement. 


On 14th July for 2nd Follow up she visited again, her Lichen Planus was 60% improved, her itching was 80% improved. She didn’t have any problem to eat anything. Her condition was improved remarkable.


The patient visited at center on 26th Aug 2016 for 3rd follow up. Her Lichen Planus eruptions were light in color. This time, her itching was aggravated but other symptoms were under control.


On her 4th follow-up on 6th Oct 2016, her Lichen Planus was better by more than 70%. Her sleep had improved more than 80%. Her stress also improved by 80%. Overall she was doing very well with the treatment. 


The patient is still continuing the homeopathic treatment from Life Force for further improvement.


This case highlights the efficiency of homeopathic medicines in the treatment of Lichen Planus in short span of time. 


Before                                                                         After



                   Before                                                          After



                      Before                                                         After



- Dr. Priyanka Agrawal, Life Force Homeopathy


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