No More Warts…Viral Warts Effectively Treated with Homeopathy

Twenty-five years old Mr. ABV (Patient identification number 26926) visited Life Force homeopathy in October 2015 for the treatment of warts.

The patient came with complaints multiple warts of variable size on his right side of face and neck. He was suffering from the warts for around one year. He took homeopathic treatment from local homeopath for few months but the warts were increasing in number and size gradually. He had around 15-20 warts on his face. He would get bleeding from warts after shaving. Would feel the occasional irritation of the affected area.

There was no specific history of major illness in his family. He would prefer mixed diet and would prefer spicy food to sweets. He was sensitive to hot weather and would perspire profusely in a hot climate.

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He was working as a delivery boy with a Pizza shop and was staying along with Friends. His family was at Zansi, his native place. His father was a driver in a municipal transport and mother was a homemaker. His younger brother and sister were studying. He wanted to study, as he wanted to take responsibility of the family, so he was doing part time job along with studies. He was irritable by nature. He was anxious regarding the health of the family.

After analyzing the case details Dr. Shah prescribed his research-based medicines for the patient.

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After 2 months patient visited for follow up in December 2015. He reported around 75 percent improvement. Out of 15-20 warts, only one wart was left on the right side of chin. Almost all warts reduced in size completely in the very short span of time. The irritation of the affected area stopped completely. Dr. Shah prescribed the further medicines after analyzing the follow-up.

In 4-5 months of further treatment, warts improved remarkably. All of the of the cauliflower like vesicles had fallen off completely without leaving any scars or irritation of the face, there was no recurrence either.

The patient reported in October 2016 that there was no recurrence of warts and his face was absolutely clean and clear, as there was a complete recovery from warts. The patient was very happy with the treatment he received at Life Force.  

This case illustrates homeopathic medicines when taken under expert guidance not only cures warts but also stops the tendency of recurrent warts.

(Case study by Dr.Aparna H. at Life Force) 

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