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Clinical Training Course
with Dr. Rajesh Shah
Specially designed for European, American homeopaths
At Life Force Center, Mumbai,
Asia's largest Clinic
(ISO 9001:2000 certified)

(Currently, we are not offering any training program.)

Next course: Not yet decided. (Dr Shah currently is engaged in research and practice; and not able to devote time to training.) Those interested in the future course may send in their names with contact information.

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Report by Ian Harris, England
Report by Nov 2004 participants

An intense clinic-based course in its 11th year, addressed to practical training in handling problem cases, hard-core issues. No more theories, no more confusion. Get a professional boost into enhancing your practice. A rare course specially designed for the western homeopaths and students. It is high time that you learn hard-core prescribing!

Institutes from Europe, England, the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand may contact for special group coaching. Additional Medical Training may be organized. 
Recent course: Nov-December, 2004 (Just over.)

Next course: Not yet decided.

Report on a seminar in England


In 1994 we held the first Clinical Training program in Mumbai for foreign homeopaths. The encouraging response motivated us to make this event an annual one. We now announce the 10th and 11th Courses.

About the Course:

Generally, the methods of prescribing taught at seminars merely give a glimpse into how the trainer works. Consequently, participants face great difficulties to put this learning into actual practice. In this context, the Clinical Training course offers an in-depth step-by-step approach to applied homeopathic practice that works for every homeopath.

Learning opportunity par excellence!

The condensed clinical course for ten days is conducted by Dr. Rajesh Shah and Dr. Rupal Shah, who are experienced and talented practitioners, treating patients from over 100 countries. During the course, you will witness and participate in treating a number of cases in a clinic, one of its kind in the world. This presents a rare opportunity to view transparently, how the teacher addresses multifaceted cases in real life. Dr. Rajesh's innovative but practical approach and teachings offer an effective protocol for daily practice. He terms his way of prescribing as Hard-core prescribing. The Hard-core methods of case analysis make use of Hahnemannian homeopathy. This is a comprehensive course presenting a practical review of the essential homeopathic literature.

Live Hard-core Prescribing:

Facts and data in the case enable the hardcore prescriber to appreciate the exact totality that needs attention. This approach also places before the practitioner the total perspective of the ailment rather than just outwardly symptoms thereby leaving no room for speculation on the origins of symptoms. There is now increasing awareness that symptoms cannot be understood in a purely cause and effect manner. Theorizing, would not help, especially when it comes to treating complex and chronic cases.

Dr. Rajesh's method is simple, logical, and down to earth, which makes homeopathy work by the hands of every homeopath who is willing to learn the simple method.

The contents and syllabus: In brief...

The condensed clinical course is specially designed to enable participants to obtain detailed practical knowledge at all levels of management of a case. The scope would cover the entire gamut of Homeopathy practice from case-taking techniques to the whole process of arriving at the totality of the case as also analysis and synthesis of a case. It would help develop specific personal skills in potency selection and repetition of doses. The participants would also learn about the whole dynamics of repertorization of a case and be able to develop a systematic approach to homeopathic prescribing and plan every case.

The course content targets learning case-analysis, prescription rationales, and long-term patient care. The study of materia medica, encompassing polychrest as well as small remedies, based on the cases observed will be incorporated. 

Thus applied philosophy, applied materia-medica, and the prescribing techniques would all be included as part of the course wherein the clinic will be the main Classroom, and the patients will be the principal instrument of learning.

Learning hours:

It involves over four hours of intense clinical training daily for ten days, eight hours a day. The course would be held for six days a week and the rest day offers an opportunity to get glimpses of this wonderful cosmopolitan city which also happens to be the financial capital of India.


The Clinical Course is designed for higher study in homeopathy. The participants, who may be practitioners or senior students of homeopathy are expected to be fairly familiar with the fundamentals of homeopathy philosophy, prescribing, and materia medica. Any sincere practitioner or a student who has studied homeopathy well but finds problems at various levels will be benefited from this course. It may be noted that a certificate of attendance will be given to the participants. However, the certificate cannot be considered as a license to practice homeopathy. 

How to apply?

You may apply to give all the details about your schooling, bio-data, and background. Write directly to the office of Homeopathy India Foundation (HIF). It is possible to send the details by fax or e-mail. Once your request is accepted, you will be asked to enroll in the course by filling up an application form.

Accommodation and food : 

Nearby hotel accommodation is available for about US$ 15 to 20 per day. It would be more economical if the room is shared with other participants. Advance booking for the hotel is strongly recommended and may be organized on request. Food may cost about US$ 6 per day.

What some of the teachers have to say about Dr. Rajesh Shah's teachings:

"I was immediately impressed by his wholehearted dedication to the practice of Classical homeopathy; also by his diligent thoroughness and the vigor with which he approaches all aspects of the subject. His insistence on inductive, logical reasoning is a consistent feature of his teaching as also is the breadth and scope of his learning."
-Misha Norland 
Director: School of Homoeopathy, UK 

"Rajesh is one of the clearest teachers I know. I particularly appreciate his concern to show what is concrete and observable in each patient's story: his phenomenological approach. This makes case analysis and rubric selection a logical process. I first met Rajesh over five years ago. His work has been a key influence on my practice and teaching. I've no hesitation in recommending his teaching to students and practitioners alike."
-Bob Fordham
Director: Sheffield School of Homoeopathy 

"I experienced genuine humanity in your approach which means more to me than that found in the teaching of other international teachers who don't seem to have that....I was privileged to enjoy a week of Rajesh's teaching here in the UK some years ago. The quality of his material is immediately obvious, his approach to sharing it gentle and supportive - not only has this event stayed with me ever since, but I also find myself using what he had to offer every day in the clinic."
-Ian Townsend 
Senior Teacher: London College of Classical Homoeopathy 

"Very much enjoyed being brought back to the basics of homeopathic prescribing..." 
-Lecoufle, Germany

"I really appreciated the lectures because you managed to put everything so crystal clear..."
-Janet Westling
Sweden Participant at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Alonissos, Greece

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Mrs. S. D. (Patient Ref. No. L-6409) aged 57 yrs, reported to the clinic on 12 th January 2005 with psoriasis on the soles of her feet since past 7 years. She had very deep cracks on soles and heels with dryness of the skin. It used to itch tremendously day and night, so much so that her sleep wa.....Read more

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