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Life Force Guest Book

"My health (overall) has improved tremendously. My psoriasis is finally under control. After being treated unsuccessfully for four years by various forms of medicine, Life force homeopathy has managed to successfully do so in a few months."

"My son was suffering from Atopic Dermatits when he was just 3 months old. I took treatment from many allopathic doctors, but to my failure the case was worsened. Then by internet I came to know about Dr. Shah, I took his treatment for my son and now my son is 18 months old with “ No Atopic Dermatitis” in just 1 year. Dr. Shah mad my son free from this skin disease. Also the staff and the doctors are very helpful at Life force. Now when I see my son I feel so relieved and happy this all because of Dr. Shah. Thank you once again"

"Hi! Myself Neeta Anchan . I got to know about Life Force (Dr. Rajesh shah) while surfing on the internet. I had a chat online with one of the Doctors on my problem(Ulcerative Colitis). I saw various testimonials on the site too. After chatting with the doctor, I was little convinced that my problem can be controlled. I had tried Allopathy (steroids- mesacolete) and Ayurvedic medicines too but no relief. I have this problem for last 8-9 years. After taking Dr. Shah's medicine, I'm feeling much better. The urge to pass stool has reduced to a great extent and quite energetic. The passage of blood in the stool is very minimal. Thanks to Dr. Shah"

"I came to know about Life force from my sister in US who is taking treatment for her son who has white spots. In 2009 she had come to India and we had to bring her to Life force that is how we come to know in persona and thought of giving a try to the treatment. I was told not to expect a real growth of hair but in 2 years, I see a drastic positive change and growth and in my parlor also they are happy the way my hair is now"

"Dr. Himanshu Mehta told me about Dr Rajesh Shah, so I came here for treatment, I was suffering from more block and colds and sinusitis since the past 2years, I was so addicted to Otrivin that I had to keep it in the car, office, home. If it was over, even at 2am I would have to rush to buy a Otrivin. Since taking Dr. Shah's treatment, My frequent cold & nose block is cured. It is a miracle"

"My psoriasis was 30 years old when I came to Life force with the help of my sister in law's son, who was been treated for white spots and we could see drastic improvement in him so. I also started the treatment in 2009. And today in 2011 I see 80% difference in my problem which is of course positive. So I am more that happy to continue to get rid of this totally in my life. No matter how long it may take"

"I came to know about Life Force through one local newspaper. I was suffering from Urticaria. I took treatment for almost one year. I found improvement from first 15 days. Now I think I have got good results. Almost 80% improvement is there. Still 20% is remaining, still I am taking the treatment. I hope I will get 100% results. My elder brother too is taking treatment for Psoriasis here. Thanks to Dr. Shah, Dr. Anand & all the staff. They all are very co-operative"

"My Son Master Mohnish has a severe bronchitis problem at the age of 3. A bit of climate change would turn our world Topsy-turvy causing sleepless nights. He would become breathless & at times had to be admitted in hospital. He was thereafter underweight. We started a proper treatment at the Life Force” which lasted for only seven to eight months. But the problem had gone forever. Now my son is a very healthy kid eating ice-creams regularly with no cough developing at all. I am very very thankful to Dr. Shah who made us & my son smile forever. Thank You"


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