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"The treatment for Urticaria was quite effective, took treatment for nearly a year & the problem seems to have settled down substantially"

"Its been 4 years now and I feel relaxed have witness the relief which I could not get anywhere else. I used to have severe itching and eruptions on left leg within months the itching got cured and over the period the eruptions have gone. Haven't got any re occurrence and I am really thankful to Dr Shah. Earlier with in months I would see re occurrence and it kept on spreading but after the medications here I haven't had that and I feel much better"

"Since year 1999-2000 I have been visiting Dermatologist for Rash itching & burning on face, especially on Forehead/ temple & Upper cheeks. The problem was slowly getting aggravated for the previous 2-3years. It was then diagnosed as 'Solar Allergy-sensitivity to UV rays'. I was on anti-allergic drugs and later steroids for internal and local application. I has also tried Ayurvedic treatment.I was also given about 15-16 seating “light-sessions” of UV Rays. There was no improvement but slow increase in the problem giving dark reddish patches on the face with burning & itching sensation. In October 2005, I came to Life Force, for first 10-12 weeks there was no improvement but then it started giving me relief. Allopathic medicines were slowly tapered off and in March 2008 all medicines were stopped. However during USA stay from July'08 to Dec'08, it flared up again; so I have restarted the treatment of Life Force and the problem is under control"

"I first came to Life Force in 2005 through the website for the treatment of Urticaria. I was very satisfied with the treatment and do not have the aliment anymore.I am here after 5 years to set some treatment for Hair fall and hope to set equally satisfying result "

"Its my first time at Life Force and its been really assuring with Dr Alpana and especially Dr Rajesh Shah. I feel very comfortable t have been here. I got checked well with the problem I have and also improvements were shown to me. I didn't think anything would happen like this. Thank you for your time Dr Shah and for the photo. I have full confidence that I will be fine. I will surely recommend this Life Force center to anyone with skin problems inn London"

"It was a pleasure to visit Life Force. This is my first visit and I felt very comfortable. All my questions were answered and I feel more informative now on my medical condition"

"My health (overall) has improved tremendously. My psoriasis is finally under control. After being treated unsuccessfully for four years by various forms of medicine, Life force homeopathy has managed to successfully do so in a few months."

"My son was suffering from Atopic Dermatits when he was just 3 months old. I took treatment from many allopathic doctors, but to my failure the case was worsened. Then by internet I came to know about Dr. Shah, I took his treatment for my son and now my son is 18 months old with “ No Atopic Dermatitis” in just 1 year. Dr. Shah mad my son free from this skin disease. Also the staff and the doctors are very helpful at Life force. Now when I see my son I feel so relieved and happy this all because of Dr. Shah. Thank you once again"


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