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Life Force Guest Book

"My daughter was suffering from Vitiligo since a year we had taken many treatments of homoeopathy and Allopathy but any treatment could not cure the disease. When we came to Life Force we came to a positive way only in two months patches disappeared Its unbelievable to us. I feel so Fortunate that we got Life force and can show the way of Life Force to other patients.I am very thankful to god for getting treatment from Life Force. Thanks a lot Dr Shah. "

"I got to know about Life Force from the internet & came here for the treatment of Lichen Planus. When my Dermatologist told me that there was no Allopathy cure for it Dr Shah was very positive about curing it. Within a few months the itching & rashes stopped & with in a year of treatment the Lichen Planus is no more there."

"My son Aayush has been a Chronic patient of Lichen Planus for past 2 years, but thanks to life force his skin condition has neared normal skin and he may not need medications in the future as per doctors. The dispatch system has been full proof and the medicines and Dr Shah has been responsible for easing the comfort of my child. God Bless!. I will surely recommend Life Force to anyone ailing from Chronic Skin conditions."

"I have Vitiligo for 8 to 9 years with Dr Shah treatment the spots have shown considerable improvements. The spots on the elbows have re-pigmented to good extent. The ones on knees and the elbows are better. Few new spots have come up, but I believe they will also re-pigment soon with the medicines. My experience at Life Force has been very good. My Vitiligo is getting better. I am Happy."

"I had an excellent experience at Life Force. I was very patient heard by all the doctors and accordingly advised. All the queries were answered to ray satisfaction. After 8 months one symptoms have disappeared to the extent of 85-90% on the whole it was a great experience and I ll recommend Life Force to other Friends & Relatives. "

"I have Hypothyroidism when I came for the treatment my THS level was 467 and now after 7 months of the treatment the level of THS is 67. I have experienced a tremendous relief symptomatically. Odema of hands and feet had disappeared, Puffiness around the eyes also disappeared. Thanks to Life Force for retreating my belief in Homeopathy"

"The treatment for Urticaria was quite effective, took treatment for nearly a year & the problem seems to have settled down substantially"

"Its been 4 years now and I feel relaxed have witness the relief which I could not get anywhere else. I used to have severe itching and eruptions on left leg within months the itching got cured and over the period the eruptions have gone. Haven't got any re occurrence and I am really thankful to Dr Shah. Earlier with in months I would see re occurrence and it kept on spreading but after the medications here I haven't had that and I feel much better"


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