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    An overwhelming experience, indeed.


LeRoy Garcia, Canada

I suffered with the worst of Migraine headache and I every time felt as if death was near. I felt like hitting my head to the wall. Dr Shah's medicines from India made me stop banging heads against the wall.

A. S., Maldives

I, A. S. 18308, Maldives, since last 10-12 years I was suffering from Psoriasis, I had reddish patches all over the body. They were extensive and caused severe itching and scaling of the skin. The Psoriatic Patches would continuously recur and relapse. This problem has made me very sad and nervous as a lot of time as well as money was being spent on all the different modes of treatment but with no or very poor control of Psoriasis. Within 2 months of starting the treatment, I started noticing positive changes. The patches started reducing, the redness, itching reduced. There was minimal scaling of the skin. I also started regaining my confidence as I felt I was in the right hands. With continuous treatment of 1 year, it's been quite good. Although there have been these relapses while on treatment but they were not as extensive as in past and they would settle down faster. At present I can say I am almost 65 % better. In last 10 years for once I am feeling like I have a normal skin like others as the patches are better and there is no scaling of the skin. I thank Dr Shah for his truthful efforts and timely attention in helping me cope up with Psoriasis and in regaining my confidence back.

John Rao (West Africa)

– 17694) working in Bissau, South Africa. I have suffered from Atopic Dermatitis since childhood .I had tried many remedies including homeopathy, Siddha, Ayurvedic, Allopathic treatment. The steroids provided temporary solution but there was no permanent solution. I came across Dr. Shah’s website while surfing online. I was impressed with the research of the disease and live cases so I decided to start with his online treatment. I got to see Dr. Shah when I planned my trip to India. It’s been 3 years now and I am seeing significant improvement in my condition, especially in itching, inflammation and skin flaking there is significant improvement. I hope to see further improvement in coming months.


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