Shivesh Shrivastava, Pune, India

When I first came to know that I am suffering from Psoriasis, I wasn’t having idea that what is it? But when I got details, I was shocked to know… I took treatment 2/3 places with no effect. Then I came to Life Force and started taking treatment. After 2 months of treatment, I was in peace. Slowly- slowly all places which had got affected by psoriasis, got healed. After 10 months of treatment, it has gone completely. Now my scalp and entire body is normal. I now, keep recommending people suffering from psoriasis for Life Force. Thanks to Dr. Shah!!! & Thanks to Life Force!!! 

S. A. Kotulkar (India)

Till year 2005, I was really depressed and suffering from Ulcerative Colitis like anything. I had many allopathy treatments, but all were in vain. Then we found about Life Force on the internet and that's it ! It's a complete "game changer" experience. Big "Thank You" to Dr Rajesh Sir and his entire (" Life Saver") Force. Now more than 95 % recovery from Ulcerative Colitis. Life Force is really doing Life Saver Activity. I am really happy about my progress and relaxed because my health and my treatment is in safe hands. Thanks a lot again to Dr Rajesh Sir. !!!

J. S., Ontario, Canada

I have been taking your medicine for last 3 and half months, so now it’s going to finish. My GERD and other related digestive problem is getting better, I can say more than 50%.

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This case study is of 6.5 years old child; MS B. C. (Patient Identification Number 13315) brought to Life Force by her parents for her recurrent tonsillitis and enlarged adenoids since 2-3 years.

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Mrs. M.K.D aged 22 years (Patient Identification Number 16142) visited the clinic on 30 May 2011 for the treatment of Lichen Planus. She was suffering from Lichen Planus since last three months. She was prescribed oral and local steroids by her dermatologist, however there was no significant impr.....Read more

A 38-years-old female, Mrs. M.B reported to the clinic with c/o vocal cord nodules. She had developed hoarseness of voice. Her voice would break after speaking for a half an hour and it would be restored only after keeping mum for 4-5 hrs. She required efforts to speak, and she used to experience.....Read more

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