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R. K. K., Punjab, India

RKK: 16442: lichen planus: india Punjab: Since last 10 years I have been suffering from Oral LP, I started developing dark purplish spots in my mouth with severe itching and burning which was more on taking hot and spicy food. My LP was spreading and I started developing the LP spots on my genitals, nails and skin. The eruptions were severely itchy, blackish ugly and made me feel under confident and dirty about myself. In last 10 years I have shown to atleast 10 Dermatologist Dr but in vain. All of them would start me on oral or injectable steroids and strong medicines like Dapsone with which the LP would reduce to some extent, however the nail changes and the LP in the genitals and mouth would never go off completely and once I stopped these medicines the eruptions would erupt back with vengeance. I was fed up with this condition and I kept blaming my smoking habit for the LP to come back again. With 2 months of medicines from Dr Shah’s clinic, there is remarkable improvement in the both side of cheek inside the mouth. The oral lesions are reducing by 40 % and there is 80% improvement in the genital lesion. Initially even slightest touch to the genitals caused a lot of pain and discomfort, which is now 80% better. The LP lesions on the legs and arms are drying up and are now less in number, they are becoming dry and flat. The nails are clearing up and are shiny which is like a miracle for me as I was getting habituated to having deformed nails. I am able to take hot and spicy food without much discomfort. There is significant change in my LP, I have never felt so good, as the spots are clearing up and making me feel very healthy. Thank you Dr Shah for giving back my confidence.

M.P., Ontaria, Canada

The treatment seems to be working well for me...I would say that I have achieved 50% improvement in my symptoms, however, 50% still remains to be resolved... Most importantly, I've been able to reduce the (harmful) allopathic medications significantly: 1. At this point, I have completely stopped the usage of oral steroids (stopped since the past month) 2. I have also been able to reduce the usage of oral anti-histamine 3. Since the last month or so, I am taking: a. Homeopathic medicine (4 pills three times daily) b. Doxepin (25mg) once at night time c. Singulair (10mg) once at night time At this point, the symptoms are most prevelant either when I wake up in the morning or just before that towards the early hours of the morning. I notice a few red spots here and there, however, they are not as itchy as it used to be before and as the day progresses, they seem to disappear. A few times over the past month, I have experienced slight itchiness through the day as well, however, overall the symptoms are much much better and under control. M.P., Ontaria, Canada

Dr J. P., India

I, Dr. J. P. staying in Ahmedabad visited Dr. Shah's clinic for the treatment of my skin disease. I had taken many medications before but did not find any relief. I came across Dr. Shah's website and decided to start with his treatment. It took me about one year by the time the patches got completely cured and never recurred. My sincere thanks to Dr. Shah.


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