An Incredible Recovery From 6-Years-Old Persistent PCOD With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 33-year-old female divorcee (PIN:31630) working as a back-office employee in a private firm was suffering from irregular menses for 6 years. She had severe hair fall, abnormal hair growth (Hirsutism), acne on her face and upper back, and weight gain tendency. She was taking oral contraceptives every 3 months for 6 years. Her puberty was normal. Her menarche was at the age of 15 years with regular painless menses. The irregular menses cycle had started occurring in 2010 and had an intermittent nature. She stopped taking OCP and was taking laser treatment for hirsutism.

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She didn’t have any particular family medical history. 
She was a non-vegetarian. She liked chicken and sour items and had an intolerance to eggs. Her bowels and urine were normal. She was sensitive to cold in general. Offensive sweat noted. Her sleep was sound. Her weight was around 68 kgs.

She started taking homeopathic treatment from Life Force in early 2017 and was following diet and lifestyle modification as per our instructions. 

Her menses started appearing after the following months of homeopathic treatment. Along with that, her hair falls reduced drastically and her weight got reduced to 65 kg within 3 months of homeopathic treatment.

Again, the intermittent periods occurred, so we revised her medicine in July 2017. And, within 2 months, her menses started appearing without any clots or pain.

In 2018, after comparing her latest USG reports with earlier ones, it was noticed that the size and volume of her ovaries had reduced. No other abnormality was detected. She was also getting regular cycles for the last 5 months.

This case is a good example of how homeopathy treated auto-immune conditions like PCOD very well.

Written by Dr. Ashitha, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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