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    Dr Shah's breakthrough research in animal model:
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Nephrotic Syndrome Testimonials

D. K., India

There have been no relapses since we started with your treatment. My son is doing extremly fine. My heartiest thank you to Dr Shah.

S. M., Mother of E. N. M., Malaysia

My son is responding quite well with the treatment. His urine protein has been negative since starting with the treatment. The last relapse was on 17/5/08, the urine protein was ++ then, he was on prednisalone 12.5mg. The urine protein reduced to negative after about 1.5 weeks with the Dr Shah's medicines. Urine protein has been negative since then.

M. P., UK

My nephrotic syndrome is incredibly better.There seems to be no swelling. I believe I have responded 100% to this treatment. There seems to be a significant improvement whilst taking the medicine. I have had no relapse since started with the treatment, so its been an year since I had a relapse. Its all my heartfelt thanks to Dr Shah.

M.D.B., Isle Of Man, United Kingdom

My progress is stable, and I'm very pleased with how things are proceeding. I will have further blood tests performed in early 2009 and will forward the results to you. many thanks for all your efforts, & best greetings to you all. M.D.B., Isle Of Man, United Kingdom

Mother of J. H., USA

Phenomenal improvement since starting your medicine, my son went from frequent relapses and high dosage of prednisone (14 ml every day) to zero relapse and down to 3 ml prednisone every other day. There is still improvement since the last prescription of your medicine. The biggest improvement we have noticed now that is even with such a heavy cold it has not relapsed, his protein stays negative. In fact there has been zero relapse approximately since September 08 with your medicine I believe with your treatment we shall be successful without any relapses ever.

L. M., Australia

The nephrotic syndrome has significant improvement with the treatment. 90% of his normal state of health and activity levels have been regained with Dr Shah's medicines. He is much happier and more active, now. He has had no symptoms of fluid retention or any illness. He has been weaned off the Prednisone after starting with the treatment. His weight has improved.

U. M. Mother of D. M., USA

My son he has responded well to the medicine. We could see his immunity developed well. The nephritic syndrome has improved by 30 to 40%. It was lot better in the last one year and he is getting better every year. Thanks Dr Shah for all your help.


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