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Nephrotic Syndrome Testimonials

R. Prasad, India

I, RP, 13794, from Vadodara, India My son was suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome(Steroid Dependent) since last the 4 years, biopsy was done and showed Minimal Change Disease, urine showed albumin 3 +. He was started on steroids and due to repeated episodes of recurrent throat infection; he would frequently have protein loss in the urine. Due to these repeated episodes he would have severe urine retention presenting with severe swelling all over the face and weight gain and generalized tiredness. His case had gradually become steroid dependent where the requirement for Omnacortil couldn’t be reduced beyond 5 mg. Within 1 year of starting the treatment, there is significant reduction in the severity and intensity of the nephrotic syndrome. The swelling over the face reduced and there is no protein leak in the urine. The intensity of the recurrent throat infection also reduced. During the course of treatment the dosage of steroids was reduced from 40 mg daily to 5 mg alternate days and now under a medical supervision it has been stopped completely.

G. S. Lubana, India

My son Mst GSL (L-14437) was suffering with Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) presenting with generalized swelling and protein loss of 4+. He had these recurrent episodes of protein loss. He was put on steroids for the same. We were very concerned about our son`s NS. Within 1 year of starting treatment with Dr Shah`s clinic, the episodic protein loss came under control and we could gradually taper down and stop the steroids completely. The generalized swelling reduced. We are very happy to see our son free from the steroids thanks to Dr Shah`s Homoepathic Treatment.

S. C. Joshi, India

My son, Mst S. C. J., patient identification number 14526, was suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome since 2.5 years having relapse of the condition, once every 3-4 months, and had around 14 episodes of relapses in last 2.5 years. The relapse generally occurred after an acute infection of cold and cough. During the relapse he would have swelling on the eyes and urine would become pale and would have a protein loss of 4+. He was put on doses of steroids (Omnacortil) however the need for steroids still persisted and it caused side effects like getting swelling all over the body and made him irritable. Within 6 months of starting treatment with Dr Shah, my son has responded very well to the treatment, the episodes of the protein loss reduced and the recurrent infection and recurrent colds also reduced. Within 8 months, now the protein leak is nil, the relapses also reduced and he has no swelling under eyes. The response was so good and consistent that we were able to stop his steroid. No r


naltrexone in pregnancy elapse till December 2011, when he reported last. Patient is still under medication.


A. Singh, UK

My son Mst AS was suffering from NS since last many years. He would have repeated episodes of protein loss in the urine and swelling over the face and the body. We had started with steroids for him. The steroids helped in reducing the protein loss in urine but when ever he would have some infection specially throat infection that would again increase the protein loss and his need for steroids increased day by day. This treatment was making Amardeep very irritable and short tempered by nature and he would have relapses with the episodes of protein leak almost every 3 months. With in 5 months of starting the treatment, there was good response and his relapse had also reduced. He had relapse only once in last 6 months. This relapse was very mild in intensity and he had no swelling at all. Thank you. We were able to taper the doses of steroids to almost half of what was given in past and his protein leak was nil, which made us very happy as we were tired of his dependence on steroids. We are very happy to see a cheerful Amardeep again and can't stop thanking Dr Shah for the wonderful treatment.

S. V., UK

My 7 years old daughter Pin no. 18583, was suffering from Nephrotic syndrome since she was 3yrs old. She used to have swelling all over body and recurrent cold coryza even while on steroids. Steroids used to have negative effect on her body. I am really glad to see my daughter hasn`t had any relapse of Nephrotic syndrome ever since we started giving her Dr Shah’s medicines from 8 months. She used to have a relapse once a year since beginning of this disease, but this year she hasn`t had any relapse. I am thankful to Dr Shah as she is doing very well without any steroids or Immuno suppressants. The improvement is vast.

N. D., Mauritius.

N. D., Pin no. 16975, Mauritius. My 5 year old daughter was suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) for last one year. She had swelling all over the body with protein leak on and off and she was put on steroids. Despite the steroid and doses of Cyclosporine she would still have the recurrence of the NS every 2 months. She also had recurrent throat infection and fever and with it would end up having increase in the urine protein leak. With these episodes the doses of steroids and cyclosporine had to be increased. Within 10 months of starting the treatment with Dr Shah, my daughter has responded very well to the treatment. Her swelling has reduced. She doesn’t have any protein leak. There is no relapse in her condition in last 6 months. No relapse of the throat infection and fever. The dosage of steroids and Cyclosporine has been reduced. I am still continuing the treatment and I am very hopeful that my daughter will recover completely from NS with Dr Shah’s effective medicines.

S.A, India

I, S.A, PIN: 13335, was suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome (NS). I was put on steroids for it but every time I would get cough, cold or if the steroids were reduced, I would have a relapse of my NS and would develop swelling all over and have protein loss in the urine. It’s been around one and half years and I have responded well to the medicines. I did not have any relapse since the time I started with Dr Shah’s medicines. I have a considerable improvement in my NS and my dependence on Allopathic medicines has also reduced with these medicines. There is lot of improvement in my condition and I am thankful to Dr Shah as this prolonged medical problem was having an effect on my temperament and making me very irritable. With no relapse in the last so many months and less dependence on my Allopathic medicines I feel hopeful about my life and I am regaining my cheerfulness, Thank you Dr Shah.


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