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Hepatitis C Testimonials

W. S., USA

My viral load was 1,400,000 it is now down to 188,000 It is working!!! Thanks and regards.

Abhishek Rai, Uttar Pradesh, India

I really feel that treatment in Life Force is very effective. When I started my treatment in Life Force my viral load was approx 34 lacks and after a treatment of just 4 months viral load has reduced drastically to approx 1.5 lacks. Thanks to Dr. Shah and his team!!!

T. D., USA

I know that our progress report is not due until September 10. But I just could not wait this long, because we already get wonderful, almost miraculous results! On July 27 we did the labs, and Vernon''s liver panel is ABSOLUTELY NORMAL. He is infected with hepatitis C for 27 years, and I have many of his labs over this period. He NEVER even one time had normal AST/ALT, especially this low! I am sending his new labs to you. Just in May they were horrible. I expected improvement, but could not even imagine such result. His doctor even thought that the labs were mixed with somebody else''s. But they are Vernon''s! Please, inform Drs Rajesh and Rupal Shah about this. Thank you so much-there are really no words to express how greatful we are.

A. K., India

I came to know Life Force through internet and I had to give a try on homeopathy since no other options were available. Observing the published testimonials then I had some belief, but unless I try and workout personally I wont get 100% belief. That 100% belief really worked for me when it created wonder within the period of 8 months since I started consuming the pills. No side effects as well. Great relief as my viral load has gone below detectable level and is under control now. My special thanks to Dr. Shah and his dedication to his profession.

R. F., Canada

The treatment has worked immensely well for me. I continue to have absolutely no symptoms of the disease and absolutely none of which I had at the start. My energy levels and overall health continues to be strong and stable. In fact I've noticed that I can fight off the flu very well or in many cases i am altogether able to avoid it. I've found I can play competitive badminton much longer and more intensely than before. Thanks a lot Dr Shah.

J. S., USA

Energy levels are the same and I am feeling good. The disease seems to have slowed down and most of the time I feel "normal" like I did prior to the disease. I have noticed that My immune system is very strong. While many of my coworkers and friends are coming down with the flu, I seem to be avoiding it.

Rokeya Begum, Bangladesh

I think that the homeopathy treatment is good. Spacily Life Force Treatment is so good. Because after 4 months treatment my mother is 50% cure. That report we made in Bangladesh. I think Life Force treatment is very fare. Beacuse they can't make report on there own 


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