I got freedom from the terrific migraine pain and the harmful side effects of pain killers!!!

    Thirty-six-year-old home maker Mrs. U.P.T. (Patient Identification No: 20600); visited Life Force on 4th February 2013, for the treatment of Migraine and Hair fall. She was introduced to Dr. Shah, by an existing patient of Life Force under treatment.

    She was suffering from migraine since five years. She would have severe migraine episodes 1-2 times every month lasting for 2-3 days. But, since ten days her complaints had increased and she would have continuous pain. She would have pricking type of pain. She would have hammering sensation in the head and would feel like banging her head in the wall. During an episode of migraine, her pain would start from the occiput and would radiate to forehead. She would have nausea, vomiting, giddiness and swelling on hands and face with a migraine episode. Her migraine would trigger with sun and strong light. Her migraine complaints would worsen in summer. She would feel better after tight pressure on head and after vomiting. She also had complaints of hair fall and dryness of hair since 4-5 years. 

    During every episode of migraine, she would take conventional pain killer medicines like paracetamol, naproxen, sumatriptan and domperidone. She had become completely dependent on pain killers. She had taken homeopathic treatment only for one month in the past. Even with these conventional medicines, her migraine pain had not come under control since last 10 days.

    Her pain was unbearable. She was also afraid of the side-effects of pain killers. She wanted a better solution to her migraine complaints. She then decided to start with homeopathy under the experienced care of Dr. Shah.

    She was a mother of two; a daughter aged 12 years and another daughter aged 8 years. Her husband was into construction business. 

    She was a reserved and sensitive person by nature. She would always be conscious that no one gets hurt because of her. She would rather take all the stress. She would weep easily and feel better after weeping. She even had a stressed childhood, they were five sisters and one brother and she always felt she was unloved. She also had stressful relations with her in-laws. Gradually, she was trying to come out of all the stress.

    She was a vegetarian by diet with average appetite. She would like spicy food and dislike sweets. She would perspire easily on palms and soles. She was sensitive to cold climate. Her thirst, bowels, urination, menses and sleep were normal. 

    She had suffered from seizures in childhood at the age of three years. Her father had diabetes mellitus and her sister suffered from cancer. 

    Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and he prescribed her Natrum Muriaticum along with research based medicines for migraine.

    She submitted her first progress report online on 14th March 2013. She reported of 50% improvement with six weeks of homeopathic medicine. She had only two episodes of migraine in those six weeks. One episode was milder but the other episode was severe, where she had to take a pain killer. Her hair fall had also considerably reduced.

    After three months, in her progress feedback of 1st July, she reported of 70% improvement in her migraine complaints. She reported that her frequency and intensity of attacks had reduced to a great extent. Her nausea, vomiting, giddiness and swelling complaints associated with migraine had also reduced. Her hair fall was significantly better. With gradual follow ups and continued medications, she showed remarkable improvement.

    After a year, on her visit to our center on 10th September 2014, she reported of 90% improvement in her migraine and hair fall complaints. She reported that she would now rarely have a migraine attack. She was hardly dependent on any pain killers. She would not have any hair fall complaints either. She still felt some dryness of hair. She was happy and relieved, being free from the terrific migraine pain and from the harmful side effects of pain killer intake. She is still under our treatment to achieve complete recovery.

    (Case study prepared by Dr. K.M)

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