Patient with fissure in ano, experienced discomfort to sit in the chair for long time due to anal pain.



    A patient Mr. M.P. age 30 years, [PIN 15502] visited our center for the treatment of fissure in ano.
    He was a man of large frame and weighed around 105 kg.

    He was suffering from fissure in ano since eighteen months.
    He had a complaint of pain and bleeding during stools. He was suffering from constipation.
    He had to strain for stools.
    He experienced burning and pain after stools, which would last for around 2-3 hours.

    He would experience discomfort to sit in the chair for long durations.

    His symptoms were temporarily relieved after taking cremaffin, but off late that also did not help.

    His symptoms would increase after eating spicy and chilly food.

    He was examined by a surgeon who diagnosed as fissure in ano with very tight anus at 6 o clock position, and was advised anal dilatation under General Anesthesia, which patient refused to undergo.

    He was on syrup cremaffin and xylocaine gel for the past 15 days. He also took sitz bath, and tablet O2.

    He was a short tempered person; he would express the anger, which was short lasting.
    He did not face any major stress in life.

    He was a manager in a Multinational Company. He was well settled and stayed with his wife and kids.

    Dr Rajesh Shah examined the patient and prescribed nitric acid 30 c and other constitutional remedies and asked him to visit after six weeks.

    After six weeks the patient reported that he was better by around 50 %

    The pain and bleeding had reduced. The stools were still hard.

    Dr Shah advised him to taper and stop cremaffin.

    He was prescribed medicines for eight weeks. He reported after eight weeks that he was completely symptom free and healthy. The fissures had healed. The constipation was cured. He had proper bowel movements; he did not require any laxatives.

    Dr Rajesh Shah has treated several patients suffering from fissure in ano, who were advised surgery. Surgery should be kept as the last resort.

    Many a times the condition reoccurs after surgery, as the root cause, constipation remains unaddressed.

    Homeopathy treats holistically and relieves patients of this painful situation, without the need for surgery.

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