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    Stress induced extensive Lichen planus successfully treated with Dr.Shah’s research based molecules

    A Thirty-two year old female Miss.V.M (Patient Identification Number 28245) from New Delhi Started Online treatment for her Lichen planus in March 2016. She was suffering from Lichen Planus since July 2014. There were eruptions almost all over her body; on arms, chest, feet, ankles, waist, lower back, stomach with tremendous itching, burning sensation, and bleeding. Her Lichen Planus was extensive and severe. There was a past history of cortisone; topical creams and tablets with little relief of the Lichen Planus. Her Lichen planus used to get worse after stress and Hot weather.

    Along with Lichen planus, she was having to complain of irritable bowel syndrome(IBS).

    Her appetite and thirst were normal, but she had a marked craving for sweets, fish, and spicy food.

    Her mother, father, and brother passed away which was the main reason for triggering Lichen planus. Her job created more of stress which was an additional factor for maintaining her Lichen planus. As she was staying alone after the death of her family members, life was more stressful and depressed. She was concerned about marriage, Lichen planus being a cosmetic disease it was adding more of stress to get a prospective Groom for marriage.

    There was no family history of any significant diseases. She started treatment at Life Force with a lot of hope for cure of her Lichen Planus.Dr Shah studied her case in detail. Based on her details the research-based medicines for Lichen Planus were prescribed to her.

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    In 8 weeks there was no change reported. She was asked to allow more time and her medicines were continued further with few changes in her medicines.

    At the end of 4 months, she happily reported her eruptions started to get flat and drying up. The itching and burning sensation had reduced by 50%. Though few new spots came during the course of treatment, the disease pathology was explained to the patient and pacified not to worry as some spots may occur which may not be severe and will subside.

    Dr Shah made certain changes in her medicines and they were continued further for best results. In month of July 2016 she was almost 70% better, the eruptions have flattened and dried with no recurrence of any new lesions. Itching and burning sensation reduced to 70%. In the month of October she was almost 80% better eruptions all over body dried up only the roughness, pigmentation left. In month of November 2016 there was little flare -up of her condition but the intensity and severity was not much as before. In month of March 2017 she was almost 90% better her eruptions settled down and appeared to normal skin color. There were no new eruptions. All her lesions of Lichen Planus had regressed.

    Her marks were fading. Skin feels normal to touch though the pigmentation and scar was still there. With 10-12 months of regular homeopathic treatment, her Lichen planus was almost ninety percent better. Miss.V.M is very happy and satisfied with the treatment.

    - Written by Dr Mithila, Associate doctor to Dr Rajesh Shah

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    Results may vary from person to person

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