Young Businessman Relieved Of Chronic Migraine With Homeopathy At Life Force

    A 29-year-old male patient, Mr. G.B. (PIN: 37548) visited the Life Force Homeopathy clinic on 2nd August 2018. He presented with complaints of severe Migraine episodes. He was suffering from the Migraine for 2 years.

    The patient was suffering from migraine episodes daily. The right side of his head was being affected by the headache. He was suffering from the heaviness in the head and throbbing type of headache. The patient was very sensitive to noise. His condition would worsen when exposed to noise or when he would be outside. Also, his migraine would worsen when he used to be in a crowd or travel. He was taking conventional medications daily from the last 1.5 years. Unless he took the painkiller, his headache would not stop.

    In addition to migraine, he also had associated complains of Acidity and Urticaria.

    His appetite was normal. His bowel habits were satisfactory.

    He had a family history of Diabetes with both his mother and grandfather suffering from it.

    His detailed case history was noted with attention to every aspect of the case. He was also given dietary recommendations to follow. The case was analyzed by Dr. Shah. Based on his case details and analysis, homeopathic research medications were prescribed to the patient. The individualized homeopathic medications were prepared in Life Force pharmacy and given to the patient.

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    In his first follow-up on 19th September 2018, the patient’s relief in the intensity of the migraine pain was better by around 10%-20%. There was a mild improvement noticed in his relief in severe pain. The patient was taking conventional medications along with the homeopathic treatment.

    In his second follow up on 5th November 2018, his relief in migraine discomfort improved by around 50%. The relief in the intensity of his pain was comparatively better. His throbbing headache had reduced. The patient’s relief in the heavy sensation in the head had also improved. The sensitivity to noise was still present. He was advised to reduce his doses of conventional medications.

    In December 2018, the patient had episodes of Migraine due to the change in the weather. The cold climate worsened his condition. However, as he was taking homeopathic medications, the Migraine did not worsen as much it used to in every winter before the treatment.

    In his follow-up in March 2019, he reported that his migraine episodes had reduced to once a week. His doses of conventional medications had reduced significantly. He was able to focus better on his daily life.

    In April 2019, the patient was relieved of Migraine to a great extent. He had only two mild episodes of a migraine in the last 1 month. He was taking his conventional medications 2-3 times a month.

    In May 2019, the patient was completely relieved of his Migraine episodes. He stopped his conventional medications completely. His relief in the sensitivity to noise had also improved greatly. Unlike before, the noise and crowds did not affect him.

    At the follow-up in July 2019, the patient reported that he had no episodes of Migraine since April 2019. He was very happy with the treatment at Life Force.

    The patient is currently on treatment for Migraine to treat his condition completely from the root level and also to prevent any relapses.

    The patient also started treatment for his Acidity complaints. He is very satisfied with the homeopathic treatment he received at Life Force and very happy that he opted for Homeopathy.



    This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating migraine incredibly and safely without any side-effects.


    (Written by Dr. Neethu Krishnan, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah)


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